Clash of the Cards
Clash of the Cards

A strategic battle card game for 2-6 players that plays in 20-30 min. for ages 8+.

CLASH of the CARDS is a high-speed, strategic battle card game in which you battle your opponents to steal cards and win hands. To win each hand of this rummy-style game you collect armies (sets of 4). The first player to collect 2 armies wins the hand, and all players count points. Keep playing hands until someone reaches 1,000 points.

Each card in the game can be harnessed during battle. Use special cards to defend your armies, to walk away from battle, slow down your opponents, or join battles you were not invited to, in order to increase your chance at winning cards. This game allows you to set up traps for other players and develop attack and defense strategies from your first turn. 

If you're the kind of person that likes to play games with family and friends and you enjoy a battle with Wizards, Vikings, Archers, Villagers, Thieves, Spies and Dragons, then please back our Kickstarter, and help us make this game a reality. In return we'll send you our game.

You read the summary of the rules here, or watch the Board Game Brawl's preview of the game in the video below, or watch the Board Room playing the game in the video just below that.

Playing CLASH of the CARDS is easy. The important thing to keep in mind is that higher cards beat lower cards in battles, BUT lower cards are worth more points at the end of the game. 

Shuffle the cards and deal 8 cards to each player. Place the remaining cards in the center creating a draw pile.The Player left of the dealer starts and play continues clockwise. 




We have extensively play-tested Clash of the Cards with the Board Game Designer Guild of Utah [BGDG]. The game has been "Guild Approved", which means that "the game and prototype meets a standard set by the BGDG and is of publishable quality. This is intended both to help guild members improve their games and to assure potential publishers that it's worth their time to look at a BGDG game. "

Board Game Brawl's Preview:

Watch Nick Meenachan give a short explanation of the game mechanics, the cards, and his final thoughts about Clash of the Cards, including who might like the game! 

Board Room - Play-through of the game:

Watch the Board Room play a live hand of the game. 

Review and Final thoughts from the Board Room: 



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