Clare OConnor Contemporary Scarves
Clare OConnor Contemporary Scarves

This project has already launched.

I am an irish artist/designer and I have been living for the past few years in Venice, Italy. I just returned to Ireland to launch a collection of scarves based on my paintings which were inspired by my life in italy. They are in 100%Silk, 50%Silk/50%Cashmere & 90%Modal/10%Cashmere, made in Como, they are really beautiful, vibrant and different. I have done up a kickstarter campaign to essentially allow people to pre buy the scarves so I can raise the capital to put in my first orders to get them manufactured before Christmas. They would make a perfect luxury gift. 

What you get is an Artist designed large luxury scarf, hand rolled and with a dimension of 68x200 or 70x200. The oblong shape instead of the usual square makes them easy to wear, modern & practical. They are bright, colourful & eye-catching. My paintings/designs are painterly but with the added dimension of collage which makes them quite unique. They are based on a series of paintings & multi-layered prints called Navigating The Labyrinth. These works are inspired by the city of Venice and they have been created over the past number of years in Venice & Dublin.

This is an opportunity to buy my scarves at Trade prices which are half the cost of the RRP. The beauty of pledging here and ordering your scarves means you are buying directly from the artist enabling the artist to put in a minimum order and get the ball rolling on getting these beautiful scarves out there. 

Once you have made your pledge, follow this link to choose the designs you wish.!AtY50f1b49LngQKfdCIR-CTbKq2w

If the target is not made you receive your money back :-)

As soon as I reach the goal, the orders can be placed and the orders will be ready in 5 weeks so It is important to reach the goal as soon as possible in order to guarantee delivery before Christmas! 

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