Clapmute: instantly silence any television.
Clapmute: instantly silence any television.

This project has already launched.

About Clapmute
Clapmute is designed for sound control; to mute ads fast, without the remote - for when you are around the house; say, cooking or playing in another room.

In addition to being clap activated for muting & un-muting, Clapmute also features simplified controls for volume, power, input, and more.

Sure, we DVR some programs, but we love live television; especially sports, news and streaming content.

Please help us bring this amazing product to everyone!

We delivered the best possible form factor with premium materials, that will leave everyone impressed.

In addition to being clap activated for muting, Clapmute features easy access buttons for:

TV Power, Input, Enter, Volume +/-, Manual Mute, Deactivate Clapmute


Clapmute Carbon
Clapmute Carbon refines the Clapmute design by making it 50% thinner - offering an alternative option for the most demanding home cinemas. Clapmute Carbon, all of the features, half the thickness.


Technically Speaking
After designing Clapmute in California; we met with leading manufacturers of remote controls. We are partnering with a very well known remote control manufacturer to create Clapmute. This company produces the remote controls for the world’s leading television makers - chances are, your television’s remote is made by our partner. Clapmute profiles the sound in your room and when a spike in noise is noted, in the specific frequency of a clap - an infrared mute signal is sent. To do this, Clapmute easily learns the infrared signal from your t.v. remote.

We wanted to deliver a premium product with timeless design. Clapmute’s technology will not change; even if your flatscreen does. Our world-class industrial design team spent six months delivering a premium design; we created five prototypes, and we settled with a high-end aluminium construction, including a durable top to elegantly house key television buttons.

Clapmute is designed to control the sound of televisions in open spaces.
Place Clapmute away from the t.v. speakers - you can place in the room next door, like the kitchen. Clapmute's range is 60 feet - the closer Clapmute is to you the softer you can clap. Additionally, Clapmute’s sensitivity can be adjusted to compensate for ambient sounds.

Clapmute Dimensions: 3 inches x 1 inch
Clapmute Carbon Dimensions: 3 inches x .5 inch
Battery: 2x AAA / Battery Life: 1 Year
Clapmute uses Infrared Learning Remote Control Technology


Hold the button you want to program for 3 seconds. Point & press the corresponding button of your remote to 'teach' the desired function.

Everyone that is using Clapmute is adores it. For a December delivery, the next step is understand the size of this particular order, ahead of Retail Launch. All Indiegogo orders will be shipped first.

As with all of our products, we work with industry leaders to plan, design and bring concepts to market. Since the infrared universal remote control technology Clapmute is based around is proven and does not require major innovation, this project is low risk to deliver. Risks include, January product delivery and minimal final product size changes. Estimated delivery is December, and we'll keep our backers updated on progress and feedback.




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