Circuit Armour - An Enclosure Kit for DIY Electronics
Circuit Armour - An Enclosure Kit for DIY Electronics

What is it?

Have you ever built a sweet connected device but then struggled with how to mount and protect your hardware?  We have, which is how Circuit Armour was conceived.

Circuit Armour is the first of its kind, all inclusive, enclosure kit for your DIY electronics project.  The enclosure kit has everything you need to take your design from the breadboard to a professional looking, sealed product, in less than an hour.

The kit starts with the base which includes a seal.  The base will have two different four hole mounting patterns.

Next is the protoboard to house your circuit.  The protoboard measures 3.25" X 4.75". 

There are three cover options, the first is an unsealed cover for indoor use.  Next is a completly sealed cover that you can modify to meet your needs. Last is a sealed cover with an integrated sealed connector.  The sealed cover option also comes with the mating connector and sockets.

The kit also comes with a set of customizable labels.  You can design your own label using our template, and then print it out on your home printer.  Making your product truely unique.

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Sample Project

GarageBot - Connected Garage Door Opener

Follow the link below to see the full project.

Coming Soon to Kickstarter

We plan to lanuch on Kickstarter at the end of March, so stay tuned!

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