Circles of Imora - a brand new Trading Card Game
Circles of Imora - a brand new Trading Card Game

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Circles of Imora is an action packed, brand new and easy to learn Trading Card Game. Construct an army for survival on Imora, then expand your starter deck with rare, powerful cards from the booster packs. Are you ready to fight for your life on Imora?

- editions available in English and German.

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Circles of Imora is designed for 2 players (Age 13 and above), competting with their individually assembled armies. Each player is allowed to expand its deck with up to 60 cards.

The game consists of successive, dependent fights. Each fight will take place in one of the 4 available skills. Additional bonus features can affect the game before, during or after a fight positively or negatively.

At the beginning of the game each player has 20 life points. After all the cards are played the final score decides who has won. If a player previously falls on 0 points he has lost the game immediately.


The cards refer to the eight nations and territories of the world of Imora.

Water: In the seas, lakes and rivers, the climate is harsh. Lurking  in the hidden depths are creatures of unimaginable danger.

Sky: For the inhabitants of the hemisphere the world of Imora looks no less dramatic. The sky darkens increasingly, the oxygen is scarce and food remains only for the privileged few.

City: On Imora there are numerous smaller and larger cities that serve as urban centers for part of the population. They are noisy, crowded and violent crime is abundant.

Desert: The sparsely vegetated areas on Imora - due to persistent overgrazing and a shortage of water, have become vast hostile deserts. Only the toughest creatures survive here.

Wood: In contrast to the other areas on Imora, the woodlands are still intact. The flora and species are numerous and offer many living beings protection. But beware, hiding in the shade of the trees are terrible inhabitants, willing to defend their habitat at any cost.

Animal: In the various areas of Imora countless animals live, with razor-shape teeth and perfect camouflage. Fighting in groups, the animals will feast on anyone incapable of defending themselves.

Machine: The machines come armed with cutting-edge technology practically in every area. They strive for domination over Imora and will fight for it to the bitter end.

Humans: As refugees of a destoried ancient world - people landed centuries ago on Imora and have been struggling to survive ever since.

Every nation has its different strengths and skills in the battle for Imora. The characters compete in the following skills:

It makes a difference whether a skill in attack or defense mode is used. The left digit signifies the attack strength, the right digit defense.

Bonus features can before, during or after a fight harm the enemy. They can also enhance the skills of the character, generate additional health points or affect the game in additional ways.

The starter deck consists of 31 (or more) playing cards of all occurring nations on Imora.

Extend your starter deck with rare and powerful cards from the booster packs and upgrade your army. Each booster pack contains 6 new, random playing cards of the following types:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Very rare
  • Extremely rare
  • Hidden Secrets

All early backers get an exclusive Boosterpack free on any kickstarter pledge that include the Starterdeck - Register now!


Dominik Hanisch (CH) is the creator of Circles of Imora and owns his own company. He brings experience in product development, project management, marketing and business administration.

William Eardley (UK ) is the design head of Circles of Imora and has lived for several years in Switzerland. He has extensive expertise in web design, graphics and illustrations.

We also work with other professional graphic designers, illustrators and production companies to offer a great product for you to enjoy.


All the work for the game itself has been finished. We are now putting together graphics and videos for the marketing and kickstarter campaign (fall 2016). As well as talking to various blogs, websites, etc. to help preview & advertise, as we get closer to the campaign launch.

We want to put this project on Kickstarter because it's the fastest way for us to get the game into your hands and expand it as a community. We think this game is great and we need your help to bring it to the market. So, if a world with an uncertain future, entrenched with epic battles, is a world you want to take control of... Then please back this project and help us build this game.

With best regards,

The Circles of Imora Team (Will and Dominik)

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