Cinn-Credible Cinnamon Packets
Cinn-Credible Cinnamon Packets

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Our Story

Winter is Coming.

As the need for warm beverages increases, a group of deployed veterans founded Cinn-Credible from the front lines of Afghanistan to address a singular need: individually-sized cinnamon packets.

More than just providing a touch of home with a morning cup of joe, cinnamon was sought after by health-conscious soldiers for its numerous benefits in the fight against obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. After discovering that no such product existed, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

After months of testing and development, Cinn-Credible was born.

Why Cinnamon Packets?

Cinnamon is an intensely popular additive for many drinks, and as winter approaches, people need a convenient way to add cinnamon to their coffee and tea, not to mention oatmeal and baked goods. Ever been to the Starbucks drive-thru and tried to explain to the barista juuust the right amount of cinnamon to put into your drink? Wouldn't it be easier to just do it yourself - ensuring the perfect drink, every time? You need cinnamon packets!

Besides being a convenience for people on the go, our cinnamon packets are also incredibly more sanitary than the common-use glass jars found in most coffee places. Who knows how often those things are actually washed!

Another detractor from those large common-use jars is the question of freshness. As cinnamon sits exposed to the elements, it loses its freshness and goes stale. Why settle for stale cinnamon? Cinnamon packets!

Ultimately, our packets offer convenience, cleanliness, and freshness - a major improvement over current cinnamon solutions.

How Are They Produced?

Our cinnamon is sourced directly from Indonesia, where the best cinnamon in the world is grown. It's made from the dried bark of the cinnamomun burmannii tree, and is processed and ground by U.S. Spice in Chicago before being packaged and shipped by Assemblies Unlimited (also in Chicago). It was important to us to use all-American companies for our production - despite some cost savings that might be achieved by having the packets made in China. Our product is 100% Made in the USA, and we're proud of that!

By using reputable, American companies, our cinnamon is also certified free of artificial coloring, adulterants, and impurities, and has been irradiated to ensure it's free of microorganisms that might be hazardous to consumer health.

Our Timeline

We have two months total to raise $10,000, which allows for the production of 250,000 cinnamon packets. In order to ensure the finest quality product, we've already completed a sample batch, and will be ready to ship out rewards as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends on January 16th.

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision is to see our cinnamon packets right next to the sugar in every Starbucks and breakfast place around! If our Kickstarter campaign is able to raise $30,000, we will also be able to product retail packaging of 100-packet cartons, which can be sold in your local grocery store. Imagine pre-measured, convenient, and fresh cinnamon available right from your cupboard anytime you need it! No more bottles of expired cinnamon from 2010! Our cinnamon packets would ensure your access to fresh cinnamon much longer than your current bottle.

About the Team

Cinn-Credible was founded in Tampa, Florida earlier this year by the power couple of Will and Katrina Atkins, locally known as the King and Queen of Cinnamon. Will is an Air Force veteran with 6 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan under his belt, and Katrina is finishing up her Doctorate in Education. Together with their 4-year old daughter Piper and two Direwolf pups, they are the entire Cinn-Credible team!


The Cinnamon King offers kind rewards for all of his supporters. There will also be random giveaways, so check back often!

Your generous support allows you to be a part of this incredible journey. Be one of the first in the world to try our cinnamon packets. When you see our packets next to the sugar at Starbucks, you'll know you were instrumental in making that happen! Please pledge your support for one of our reward levels today!


Thanks so much for your time,

Will and Katrina
(The Cinnamon King and Queen)

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