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Ciel Fledge

Kickstarter Page now LIVE:

Hello, we are Studio Namaapa! We are planning to launch a Kickstarter to fund some of the development cost of our 2nd game, Ciel Fledge, mainly in the audio department, which are currently lacking. We are going to raise $ 5,000 in order to cover the cost of hiring a dedicated composer. The Kickstarter campaign will start approximately in the middle of October.

Additional funds from the Kickstarter will be used to further improve the game's quality such as hiring a proofreader and if possible, hiring voice actors/actresses for partial voice over of the characters.

Please take a look at our draft page and feel free to give us some feedbacks and suggestion in the comment section below!

Ciel Fledge is a raising simulation game where the objective is to raise your adopted daughter in the span of 10 years.

During those 10 years she will grow into an adult, under your care and guidance. Whether you decide to raise her well is up to you. Every decision matters.

In the future, mankind live in the Ark above the sky with the planet surface rendered nearly uninhabitable because of the outbreak of some unknown alien creatures from deep inside the core of the planet.

You play as someone living on Ark 3, one of seven remaining after a surprise alien attack destroys a nearby Ark 5.

With the fall of Ark 5 from the alien attack, rescue teams have been working to evacuate the remaining survivors from the wreckage while placing those rescued under the care of capable residents of Ark 3. One of them is a little girl, found stranded on the surface...

Unveil the story surrounding the planet, humanity, and your new companion as you play through the game. What will become of mankind in the span of 10 years? What of your adopted daughter? Will she find happiness in such a dire future?

Some of the recurring characters that will appear in the game.

Ciel Fledge borrows heavily from the classic raising sim game such as Princess Maker 2, while adding our own flair into the gameplay.

There will be the simulation aspect, visual novel aspect, and battle aspect in the form of quick action-puzzle section.

In the simulation aspect, you take direct control of parenting your adopted daughter. See her stats, skills, traits, take care of her well being and help her schedule her weekly activities.

The visual novel aspect is how the story and dialogues are represented. It is done in visual novel style.

Finally the battle aspect comes in the form of more complex, match-3 like puzzle gameplay. With three distinct battle type each representing the "stats" of your adopted daughter.

With the passage of time along the 10 years time span, she and the NPCs in the game will also grow and change appearance. Depending on the action of your adopted daughter too, some of the NPCs may or may not live through those 10 years...

  • Guide and Raise her and control her stats

  • Grow her proper by controlling her diet

  • Dress her up with virtually limitless set of clothes

  • Animated and Dynamic cutscene sprites 

  • Unique NPCs with their own stories to tell and can be a companion to help her journey

  • Battle in a real-time puzzle system and prove that her growth is worth it

  • Multiple Major Endings to unlock based on the chosen route, her thoughts and views, and her capability to defeat the final boss

Ciel Fledge will be released on Steam for PC and Linux (Mac still unconfirmed due to financial and technical difficulties). DRM-free versions will be made available through various stores. Our targeted release date is at around Q2 2018.

We'd love to bring the game to consoles, but due to the country where our team is based on, the possibility for any console release is nigh-impossible.

The soundtrack section, and the audio section in general will be the responsibility of our composer if we managed to hire her with the help from this campaign. She already composed several tracks for Ciel Fledge that you can listen below.

Our would-be composer, Jasmine Cooper, has experience scoring for various video games that span a wide range of genres. She had worked with us before and scored our first game title, Nusakana, which was a mixture of bossa nova, jazz, and afro-cuban jazz. Her incorporation of live instruments and vocal elements really added to the atmosphere and propelled the success and overall positive acceptance of the album from its players.

Nusakana Soundtrack Album at Bandcamp

In Ciel Fledge, the goal is for the music to grow to reflect Ciel’s attitude and persona as she matures. Her youthful years will be reminiscent of 80s pop (Taeko Ohkuni, Akiko Yano, Chaka Khan, A-ha), her teenage years rife with 70s funk (Cassiopeia, Tatsuro Yamashita, Fred Ayers, Fred Wesley), and 70s space opera rock populating her adult years (Hiroki Inuki [Votoms OST], Koichi Sugiyama [Ideon OST], Kentaro Haneda [Space Cobra OST]). We want the music fueling Ciel’s adolescence to be memorable, vibrant, and easily transferable to your life, since the music will impact you as well.

A professional score, and a specialised 3-genre spanning score at that, is a challenge to produce and thus doesn't come cheap. Our goal for Ciel is to push the envelope musically. The quality of game music has risen over the years, and we wish to walk those boundaries as well. Not only will our soundtrack include digital elements, but we want our score to include live musicians. Here is a small list of musicians we have/are working with to help bring character to Ciel’s score:

Alex Parrish, Jeff Ball, Sam Ewens, Nick Toretta

In order to further drive home the importance and effectiveness of quality, we have a before (virtual instrument) and after (live recordings) pair of tracks for you to compare featuring Alex Parrish on both flute and oboe:

Character Creation 1 (virtual instrument)

Character Creation 2 (live instrument)

Last but not least, a small taste of Ciel’s soundtrack, which can be experienced in full in the demo:

  • Week Theme

  • Tutorial Theme 

  • House Theme 

All the funds will go towards securing Jasmine as a dedicated composer for Ciel Fledge and hiring more solo instrumentalists and a vocalist to feature on Ciel’s soundtrack, after additional Kickstarter fees are taken care of.

Any surplus funds will go directly towards hiring a dedicated native English-speaking proofreader to check the writing and grammar of the game as this is our main weakness (None of the core team have a good English skill).

These are some of the planned rewards we are going to give to our supporters! Check them out!

And this is the planned reward list table based on the price tier:

Rewards above may change later since all of this is still tentative. We decided to opt-out of physical rewards due to the difficulties on distribution from our country. Be sure to write in the comment section below on what do you think about the reward list!

We chose Kickstarter in hopes of finding passionate simulator/visual novel/daughter raising/rpg enthusiasts willing to assist us in refining and improving our game’s quality. The funds will go to the audio department first so that our composer can increase the soundtrack’s quality by hiring live instrumentalists and a vocalist. We also want to hire voice actors/actresses for the main characters. The game will be released whether or not the Kickstarter succeeds.

Any funds raised above our target will be put towards our list of stretch goals and most importantly, to polish some of the arts by hiring more experienced animators and background illustrators.

Lastly, it’s hard to get exposure and recognition nowadays as an indie developer, so we hope our Kickstarter will create a community centered around Ciel Fledge that can provide us with valuable feedback on various aspects of the game’s development.

Thank you for your interest and support!Studio Namaapa is an independent game studio from Indonesia with a team that primarily works remotely. In November 2015, we released our first game on Steam, Nusakana. Although it is far from perfect, creating it was a valuable experience for us that proved we can actually deliver and release a game.

With the state of game development in our country, it's really hard to actually make games that the locals like, since the game development community heavily favors mobile games, while shunning developers with a desire to make original games.

Thankfully, we are crazy enough to believe in our passion to continue to make games despite the unfavorable situation.

We believe in integrity and honesty. Ciel Fledge will be delivered on time, no matter what, whether or not this Kickstarter succeeds or fails. You have our word on that!


Ciel Fledge is approximately 40% complete and a public demo will be available to try when our kickstarter page launched. At the moment the game is still being tested rigorously by our alpha build testers and we are very grateful to them. There is little risk that this game won’t be completed, since this Kickstarter is primarily for funding the audio department. We are determined to see CIel Fledge through to the end, and we already have a finished game under our belt.

As risks and challenges, aside from force majeure, there are unforeseen circumstances (technical problems, family issues) that could potentially delay progress. Nevertheless, we will try our best to overcome these challenges and ensure our backers are not disappointed.


If you have further question or inquiries you can also contact us on our website and various social media:






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