Chronotopia - A Dark Fairytale Visual Novel
Chronotopia - A Dark Fairytale Visual Novel

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Like in a dream, I was falling from the sky. Except it was no dream. I probably died that day.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an unknown yet familiar place. There were cocoons around me, with people sleeping inside. I was confused. Where was I? Had I really died?

Welcome to Purgatory~


In Chronotopia, you incarnate a soul who recently found their way in Purgatory. The soul has to find the memories of their previous life again, otherwise they’ll be damned. You’re assisted by a mysterious young girl who has the power to travel through lost worlds –the uchronia, which are actually rewritings of fairytales. During your journey in the fairytale world, you will witness events that can grant the soul fragments of their buried memories. The number of fragments you collect will affect the fate of the soul.


At heart, Chronotopia is a visual novel with point & click elements that strive to offer a unique experience. We love unusual stories with a twist and we have a very wide range of influences you may spot here: folklore, classical literature, anime (such as Haibane Renmei or Madoka Magica), videogames (such as American McGee Alice or Child of Light) as well as both Japanese and English visual novels (the Infinity series, Steins;Gate, Cinders, Long Live the Queen).



(if you click here, there's a more detailed video about exploring the castle)

  • A unique take on a forgotten fairytale with many twists

  • Branching story where choices affect the endings: will you save the protagonists or doom them?

  • Beautiful artwork, with animated backgrounds and special stained-glass illustrations

  • Extensive use of RenPy 3D camera for a more dynamic presentation

  • Several segments allowing you to freely explore the castle to discover its secrets

  • A full original soundtrack with celtic influences

As you can see on the video above, even though Chronotopia is a visual novel, there will also be several gameplay segments through the game to enhance the experience and offer a more dynamic presentation.

 (Screenshot of the castle's map) 


Chronotopia is a dark retelling of the fairytale of Donkeyskin, which is very similar to Cinderella. Here, instead of remarrying, the heroine’s father decides he should wed her, so she has to escape with the help of her fairy godmother to finally be able to meet the prince. And that’s where we present our version with a more...realistic and mature approach to spice things up. Of course, the choices you make will also affect her fate: she can either escape with her servant, become a fairy herself or die in a horrible way. Multiple times.


Her duty is to guide wavering Shadows in the collection of the memories of their past life. With this aim in mind, she uses her powers to take them to lost worlds – the uchronia. What could she have planned for you?

She’s innocent and smart but also quite haughty, due to her education. Being dependant on Nahima, she’s utterly lost when she suddenly has to find a way out of the castle by herself. She doesn’t know it yet, but it’s the beginning of a long nightmare that will take her to the edges of madness.

She’s always there to take care of her. But when the King announces his desire to marry the princess, she finds herself powerless to help the one she loves the most. Slowly but surely, she can feel the girl drifting apart from her…

She agrees to help the young girl at a condition: to be able to receive her powers, the princess has to pay a price -the Fairies’ tribute. Will she be willing to trust such an unnatural being?

The death of his beloved drove him into a deep depression and a deceitful druid took that opportunity to manipulate him. Now, he’s convinced his daughter is actually the reincarnation of his wife and he’s willing to do the unforgiveable.

Several people living in the castle. They could be precious allies or latent enemies. Regardless the princess should be careful of who to trust...


Chronotopia is quite an ambitious project because we really want to offer a visual novel of high quality with a good playtime. And it does come with a price.

  • A good chunk of the budget (5 000€) will be allocated to the art assets needed to complete the game.

  • Another good chunk of the budget (4 250€) will be allocated to the translation. The reason is simple: as most of the teammembers aren't native speakers, we're not confident enough in our English skills to write the story directly in English. And since the price depends on the wordcount, which will be quite high, we have to spend a lot to ensure a good translation. Those are our two biggest expenses.

  • Other than that, we need 1 000€ for additional music tracks and the rest will be used for rewards, mostly physical ones (2 105€), and Kickstarter fees (10%).

  • However, I, the team leader in charge of writing and programming, won't pay myself for my work to prevent the initial goal from being too high (since I'm working full-time on the project, I would need between 5 000 and 10 000€ just to be able to make a living). I'm currently living off other means so you can always subscribe to my Patreon to support me!


(Some of the free games we've made)


Träumendes Mädchen has been making visual novel as a hobbyist studio since 2012, with a dozen of releases, so we definitely have the experience required for such a project. However, as we're just starting out as a commercial company, we do need a financial boost. We already invested some funds into the making of Chronotopia's demo but we're going to need your help to be able to make the full game a reality!



  • -Writing / Programming / Project Leader: Helia
  • -Art: Anako, MelowBee, PyriteKite
  • -Music: Butterfly Tea, Roganis
  • -English Translation: MelesBadger

Website | Devblog | TwitterFacebook | Tumblr | VNDB


*Designs not finalized*



Want a more customized reward? It's easy! Every backer who has chosen a physical pledge can add optional goodies to their package without any extra shipping fees! Just pick the items you want and add the corresponding prices to your pledge:



Only available starting from Hard copy of the game to the Physical Pack (since the Collector Pack and higher rewards already include all the goodies).




While the initial goal covers the minimum budget necessary to make the game happen, it would be nice to add more assets (more CGs, more sprites, more maps, more music, and so on!) to make the game looks even better!


 We will be able to offer more goodies than originally planned: there will be 4 keychains to chose from instead of 3, and 3 posters instead of 1!

If we reach this goal, we will be able to hire Basiscape (Hitoshi Sakimoto's music company) to make a theme song for Chronotopia's opening. Why? Simply because it would be awesome!

Not only will we be able to add more content into the game (with more choices and endings) but Chronotopia will also be ported to iOS and Android!

Fairies are mysterious beings and Kionna's Godmother is no exception to the rule. If we reach this goal, we will make a side story to narrate her human life and how she became a fairy.



Risks & Challenges

While the team has developed a number of visual novels in the past years, Chronotopia is our first commercial project. As such, we are bound to make some mistakes that could lead in delays. Even so, this is a possibility that can happen to every game studio, regardless of their experience. That's why, given our good track record so far, we're quite confident in our ability and we will work hard to finish this project.



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