Christmas Themed Story/Coloring/Activity Books & Plushie
Christmas Themed Story/Coloring/Activity Books & Plushie

This project has already launched.


We have created a unique cast of characters, The Chickenlivers, whose sole purpose is to bond with children and fill the gap between entertainment/technology and much needed quality family time.



Even the Chickenlivers love opening presents on Christmas morning, so we figured out how to have fun with toys while still brining the story of Christmas to our little ones!


The Chickenlivers love spreading Christmas joy!



Give the gift that keeps giving all year long!

Our characters present the story of Christmas in a simple verse, which naturally animates the reader's voice further engaging the children as their little eyes explore corner to corner color on all pages of this 8.5" x 8.5", 30 page, hard cover story book!


Add your own color to the story!

Our matching 11" x 8.5", 48 page coloring and activity book also includes the same full story allowing for learning while your little one bring the pictures to life with our jumbo crayons and play Christmas actives like word search and learn to draw one of our Chickenlivers!



Super Cuddly! Super Lovable! Super Cute!

Kiddos love to cuddle our 10" super soft Christmas plush toys! Not to mention, the Christmas hat is removable, in case your Chickenliver doesn't want to wear it all year round :)




No wrapping needed!

You'll receive your reward in this adorably fun 12" x 9" x 6" shipping box with full color on 5 sides! You won't have to wrap this gift and keep it for storage!


Our goal is to spread the word and teach children the true meaning of Christmas and we hope and pray you believe in us enough to join us, support us, put a smile on a little one's face and have some fun while you're at it!!!


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