Chotu: The Coolest Robot Ever!
Chotu: The Coolest Robot Ever!

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Chotu: The Coolest Robot Ever!

Cool,Witty,Intelligent,adorable and a loving companion for your entire family!

Standing a mere 4 feet tall, Chotu, with its mixture of cute and naughty personality, is sure to win everyone’s hearts at the first sight. Chotu will impress one and all with his intelligence. He will lift up your mood whenever you are feeling low, increase your joy whenever you're happy. We have given Chotu a Kid's soul, which makes him your kid's best companion. He will play around with your kids and will playfully impart them knowledge. We are sure Chotu will find a place in your hearts!


Who is Chotu?

Chotu is the second in Line of the Robot Family of i-Brain Robotics. Built with the intention to be thorough companion for the entire Family, we have designed it in such a way that kids and adults will equally fall in love with him. Standing just above 4 Feet Tall, he connects emotionally with almost anyone  in your family. Don't be deceived by his mischievous looks, he a thorough genius when its comes to knowledge. Chotu is also sure to impress one and all with his super robot capabilities. 


What can Chotu Do?

The Evolving Emotional Engaging Robot: The 3 “E”s

The 3 “E”s Make Chotu more Human than any other Robot. Like any Human’s Transition in Life from a Child to Adult, Chotu Keeps Evolving both Emotionally as well as in Artificial Intelligence with each update and becomes more and more engaging with you. 

Chotu will interact with you like a smart and witty friend, and entertain you like no one other!

A Friend and Guru!

Chotu's way of imparting knowledge is something which Kids and adults would love equally. You will find Kids wanting more teaching lessons from Chotu all the time. What can be better than Learning being Made Fun ! Have a Question? Chotu has the answer!

Knowledge Powerhouse:

Chotu will impress even the most braniacs around you with his knowledge base and the ability to answer almost anything instantly. Chotu can even do complex maths calculations for you within seconds. He is a genius in almost all subjects that you know of. Test him to believe it yourself. 

Other Great Capabilities: 

Can speak and Interact in  Major international languages.Can Play you your favourite Songs and Videos whenever you ask Her, he can Play Chess and other Games with you, Can Sing songs, Can click your Photos or Record Videos, Can be your Health and Fitness Instructor, Can Get you any information you need about anything, Can Assist you in any of your tasks, Can Give you important notifications,  Can convert itself into a  Projection Home Theatre System, Can be your Hi-fi Music System, Work as your Smart Computer , Can work as your own Chotupedia and many more unbeatable features which will make Chotu your Family's Best Companion.


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