CHK2O Smart Water Leak Detector
CHK2O Smart Water Leak Detector

Take Control of Water Leaks

CHK2O (check-two-oh) is a sensor-less water leak detection device that senses leaks anywhere within the home via water pipes. Then if a leak is detected it will automatically shut the water off. It can communicate and be controlled remotely using a smartphone (both iOS and Android) or by logging on to CHK2O's web portal giving complete user control anytime and anywhere.

This device more than pays for itself after detecting one leak. It will also help to save money on your water bill by monitoring usage.

Why Do I Need A Water Leak Detector?

CHK2O (pronounced check-two-oh) was developed in order to provide a new approach to water leak detection in your home, office, or any other space where water leaks can occur.

CHK2O is a patent pending smart water leak detector that measures the pressure of the water within the home in the event of an pipe burst or appliance failure. Failures often range from water heaters bursting, dishwashers or washing machines leaking, or pipes bursting from fatigue or freezing.
How CHK2O Works

CHK2O works by easily attaching to an existing water line and continuously monitoring for a change in water pressure, all without the use of expensive and hard-to-install remote sensors. When a change in pressure occurs due to failed appliances or burst / leaking pipes, CHK2O will stop the flow of water and signal a warning that a leak may be present.

There will also be a temperature sensor that will monitor if your water is close to freezing so you may turn off water to your home.

Smartphone App

A message will be relayed through a mobile app installed on a smartphone or via the web portal. The mobile app and website interface allows 24/7 access to the device and provides remote turn on / shut off of the water, which saves time and money. CHK2O prevents the hassles of clean up with little to no damage, while also providing piece of mind. CHK2O will eliminate the chances of having costly repairs to a water-damaged home and truly takes the worry out of water leaks.


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