Chinese Tea Set Nixing Pottery Tea Pot
Chinese Tea Set Nixing Pottery Tea Pot

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Item Specification

Is handmade: Yes

Material: Pottery

Place of Origin: Qinzhou China

Technique of Tea ware: Handicraft

Product Parameter: Hight:8.0cm,Length:12.3cm,Caliber:5.2cm,Capacity:210ml

1.Name: Qinzhou Nixing Tea Pot ----- Buddhist Mood
2.Material: Pottery (non-toxic, include kinds of micro elements benefit for us such as Se, Fe and Zi etc.)
3.Technique: Pure handmade, Hand carving, Hand throwing.
4.Features: Good air permeability and tightness; it can storage tea overnight but no mildew.
5.Applicable Tea: Oolong Tea, Puer Tea, Green Tea, Flower Tea, Black Tea etc.

Notice: in the kilning process of making Nixing pottery, it can not avoid the unforeseeable color change. Please base on the real objects in case of any chromatic aberration.

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