China: A Photojournalism Project
China: A Photojournalism Project

This project has already launched.

This is a photojournalism project about China, it's people, art, religion's, food and more. It will be a look at China past and present and tell the story of China through photograph's. I am raising funds to help with the cost of any special equipment that may be needed, travel cost around China, cost of preparing the project and putting it together. I will be in China teaching over the next year and will use this time to take photograph's and to write the story.

My Plan and Timeline for this project  

October 2016 - Arrival in China -  Chapter 1 begins, my first impressions

November 2016 - Work and Life in China - Chapter 2 begins, what is work and life like in China so far?  

December 2016- China's Culture - Chapter 3 begins, what is the culture in China like? 

January 2017 -  China's People - Chapter 4 begins, what are China's people like? Their stories 

February 2017 - China's Religions - Chapter 5 begins, about China's religions 

March 2017 - China's Art and Food - Chapter 6 begins, about China's arts and food 

April 2017- China's Holiday's - Chapter 7 begins, about the holiday's in China 

May 2017 - China's Music- Chapter 8 begins, about the music in China 

June 2017 - China's History - Chapter 9 begins, about China's history 

July 2017 - China: A Conclusion - Chapter 10 begins, a conclusion and final thoughts about China. 

August 2017 - Completion and Publishing  

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