CHiLLi iSLAND - The next generation of water-toys
CHiLLi iSLAND - The next generation of water-toys

This project has already launched.

Our claim „design meets comfort and functionality“ stands for and provides a unique maritime experience. In order to make our dream come true, we spent the past three years developing and testing our product. We are happy to announce that CHiLLi iSLAND is ready to sail off into international waters. As we could realise first sales in our home market, we now need your support to launch our product internationally.


Today we are able to present an innovative product, which provides the best combination of beach toy, electric boat and floating device. On our CHiLLIi iSLAND you will enjoy a relaxing experience on the water.



CHiLLi iSLAND is the perfect instrument for a high-class, innovative brand promotion, that guarantees attention and a positive image transfer. It can be fully branded and equipped with the respective products. Through the integrated sound system, it is possible to play a pre-defined music mix with integrated advertisements and jingles. CHiLLi iSLAND offers a completely new form of promotion on the water, which can be especially interesting for the F&B sector.


We have created a unique device, which combines a relaxing way of water transport and beach toy. Innovative and modern design merged into one product to provide you with a luxurious and comfortable experience on the water. It‘s time for a change from the old-fashioned pedal boat to a stylish electric floating device.

Design your own CHiLLi iSLAND to suit your individual needs and expectations with prices starting from EUR 15.000. The product is generally equipped with an electric engine, which can be controlled comfortably through a track-wheel. CHiLLi iSLAND capacities include an integrated bottle cooler and a sound system, which can be operated via bluetooth with every mobile device, and you can add many more features for your personal convenience.

The CHiLLi iSLAND can be equipped with three different additional packages. You can choose look & style, light & sound, power & vision or also the combination of all three packages for the absolute luxury version - everything is possible and completely fitted to your individual needs.

For more information visit, where we will provide you with details and pictures of CHiLLi iSLAND. Help us to launch our product worldwide by adding your share to our Kickstarter campaign!

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