This project has already launched.


The smart alternative to online dating for single, mature men and women to share dinners at lovely restaurants, meet and make new friends, and possibly to find new love. This is a platform for people who find themselves single again, either through divorce or other life circumstances, are interested in reengaging socially, but have either had no success with online dating, or no interest in meeting people that way.

This is an alternative that offers privacy and elegance. There is no virtual pool of people, no artificial profiles, and no quick cups of coffee to determine if someone is interested or interesting. This is personal, up close and in the flesh, where a group of mature men and women come together to dine, converse, laugh, perhaps dance, and have fun!

Venues for these events will take place throughout the Northeast, and there will be many selections to choose from each month. A calendar will be provided monthly. Once joining, the member just needs to schedule a reservation for those events he/she wishes to attend. It's that simple.



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