Chicken Giggle Mobile Game
Chicken Giggle Mobile Game

This project has already launched.

Fun, for no other reason then to laugh out loud whilst playing a truly fun and exciting new take on mobile gaming. Best of all you have input, we will take your feedback on board and help shape the game to suit your playing style and interests.   

Well we have spent money on the prototype shown in this kickstarter video and the initial artworks are done. The first four levels have been mapped out and the game mechanics are tested and working great. So, pretty far along. With your donations we will simply iron out the bugs and deliver a more professional end result that will be irresistible to play!

Don’t worry we know what we’re doing. We have managed large projects before in delivering professional results that customers are ecstatic with. Our core business is Information Technology and delivering quality results.  

A great game delivered on time, on budget and with what we said we would achieve AKA you get what you paid for!  

The money will be used to project manage the creation of the game, to pay developers to take the prototype and make it a professional, polished finished art piece that you can play and laugh along with for hours on end, share with your friends and add to your collection of most loved games.  

Eli Lovejoy is the mastermind behind the idea, the game idea creator, prototype funder, the level inspired idea designer and the all-around game nut and part time comedian wannabe that will get you a fantastic mobile game to waste hours on!    

Because we are not an Island. We want to collaborate heavily with game enthusiasts on this game and hopefully many more upcoming titles to make some truly unique and memorable games that you can directly influence the end result. If that’s not cause for celebration I’m not sure what is!  

Please just donate a dollar. That’s all we want, if you can do more then that’s great too. It won’t take much to get this thing created, we just need a little bit of help to make the prototype a reality and the rest is history. Oh a can you share our idea with your friends, this point is very important otherwise no one will know this Kickstarter project exists and it won’t get the funding it needs.  

Thanks a bunch, you guys rocks, without you nothing in this world would ever change, keep it up! Also check out the core features below!  


 You can reach us for suggestions, comments, feedback and a laugh on Facebook. If the below link doesn't work please just search for Chicken Giggle on Facebook and like our page.


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