This project has already launched.

Film about a famous comedian who looses everything and goes on a road trip across the US.


We are a a group of friends that after the years ended up living in different parts of the world, however we stayed close and dreamed of making a project together. We all share an enormous amount love for filmmaking and we want to create a piece that will transcend. It's a story about us and our thoughts, our beliefs and insecurities, sexuality and fears.

The time has come and we are all free and ready to embark on an epic project together. We picked Los Angeles and Las Vegas as our main locations and we are aiming to start principal photography on September 2016! so YES... very very close.

To do so, we need your help. You can take a look at the rewards we offer in exchange of your valuable help and I'm sure you can find one that fits you. We will be enormously thankful for your collaboration.

CHIC AND CHAMBRAY is a phrase that appeared in a dream years ago. I wrote a song with that name and it sort of started having it's own meaning.



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