Chef Box - Everyone's Personal Chef
Chef Box - Everyone's Personal Chef

Super tasty, fresh and balanced meals delivered to your door. Main dishes just £5.50, free UK Delivery.


Meet Your Personal Chef


Isn't it about time someone else sorted your mealtimes out for you from planning to plate? Every week your Personal Chef will curate a menu of professional chef-made dishes for you to choose from.




Pick Your Dishes

Choose from a range of fresh and balanced dishes, from Japanese to Spanish, British,Thai, Mexican, Indian, no two days of the week will ever be the same!

Sit Back

Your dishes will be delivered on your chosen date and packaged in bio-degradable wool-cool packaging keeping your dishes fresh for up to 24 hours. That means you don’t have to be in when we deliver, you just tell us where to leave it! 

Heat Serve Eat

Some dishes can be eaten chilled whilst others are best heated. Just follow the chefs' simple instructions for an exciting eating experience in under five minutes!

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