Checks and Balances, The Game of Modern American Political Democracy
Checks and Balances, The Game of Modern American Political Democracy

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Get out the Vote! Campaign! Elect Officials! Pass Legislation! The Card Game that Simulates the Joys and Frustrations of US Democracy!


About this project

Project video:

Checks and Balances is a card game intended to simulate American Democracy. The game demonstrates the powers of each branch of government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) and how they balance each other. 

When the powers of government seem unbalanced (e.g. one party holds power in all three branches), the game demonstrates how voters, elections, activist organizations, lobbyists, campaign contributions, etc., come into play to restore balance or in some cases drive even more unbalance! 

In the game, players compete against each other as America’s two major political parties (Democrats and Republicans). The first player to pass 3 pieces of legislation to support their platform goals wins! It sounds like an easy goal, but in many cases is surprisingly difficult – experience the frustration and roadblocks faced in American Politics. If you’re successful, experience the thrill of passing legislation that your party believes will benefit the American People!

After the previous election, we, like many others on both sides of the political spectrum, realized that we wanted to know more about how the American political system actually works. One may know the basics, but to understand how the political system works from the grassroots to the most powerful elected officials, takes a lot of research. We believe this game makes that learning more accessible and fun. The game drives conversations about the political system and issues in our country that might not otherwise occur naturally. We believe strongly that an educated and informed public will be better served by their elected officials because they will understand how to hold them accountable and demand that they serve rather than rule.

We hope that the game empowers people of different beliefs to find middle ground and also makes the party platforms more accessible. Through game play, they will learn what each party believes and wants to accomplish. We also hope that the game will inspire conversation between those of opposing beliefs and help bridge the political divide that exists today.

Risks and challenges

To date, we have created a working prototype of the game and have been playing with family and friends to gather feedback and work out glitches.

The purpose of the Kickstarter is to raise funds for: 
The first production run 
Marketing, including road tours to play with Americans across the country 
Developing future editions and expansion packs: 
State and Local Editions Historic Edition 
Other Languages (Spanish) 
Other Political Parties Updated 
Legislation cards as platforms are updated (e.g. 2020 edition)

We have the prototype ready and have been testing it. Now it is just a matter of getting financial support and producing final artwork. Here is our schedule:

August: Run Kickstarter and work hard to reach our goal! 
September: If/when we reach our goal, develop final artwork and submit to the supplier for the production run. 
October: Run Production. Production and shipping takes up to 8 weeks 
December 1: Send First Edition to all of our supporters, so you will have the game before the holidays!

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