Charity app that encourages donations through social media
Charity app that encourages donations through social media

This project has already launched.


The Global Pledge is an app that maximises your social impact worldwide. It allows you to post photos and videos of your favourite charitable organisations alongside a donation in order to spread awareness. 

How Does It Work?

You post a photo or video related to a charity or Not for Profit, along with a donation (big or small). You can share this post to other social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Other people may see your post and attach a donation to your post... cue the snowball effect. If you don't have your own photo relating to a specific organisation, you can look up posts from other users and donate alongside theirs instead! This means that together, we will make a much bigger impact than our single donations. 

The donation system will ensure that only 15% will be given to our company, to increase the value provided to the charitable organisations.

This is key because charitable organisations are increasingly looking toward online platforms to build awareness and donations. This is critical in an increasingly technologically connected global community. Development of platforms for this kind of purpose however can be very expensive, once website/app, staff and merchandise/material costs are considered. We are therefore creating this platform for them; this allows them to concentrate on their causes. 


Our difference 

The Global Pledge wants to give back just as much as you do. All of our profits will be given back to the app's registered organisations in some form, whether it's money or supplies.

We are aware that many organisations don't receive as much of their donations from third parties as they should. We also know that often donators do not know what their money has been spent on. Our goal is to create a more trusting environment by encouraging a transparent relationship between organisations and donators. 

To do this, The Global Pledge will show you exactly what we spend our profits on, and we will encourage all of our registered organisations to share what they purchase with your money also.

We are dedicated to changing the landscape of social media for the betterment of the global community, and can't do it without your help.

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