Charity Album
Charity Album

This project has already launched.

My name is Arthur Looby aka DJ Arthur Looby,

I am the producer composer of this upcoming album. This is a Charity project i have been working on for a while already. There have been several hurdles and problems that delayed this project. I got hurt very bad and now mostly bed bound because of nerve damage in my back. What defiantly has made things harder. And combined with other health issues i am battling it really delayed this project a lot, because i have no means on making money since i physical are not able to work and government is not helping at all. But it is pretty much now completed just a few more things need to be done. That why i ask you for help so this album and project can be completed and then raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of America. 

I appreciate your help for a good cause. 

Here is a link to my award winning song.

Can't Stop Won't Stop

My official facebook page

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