Chaosmos - As the Universe Ends, the Hunt Begins!
Chaosmos - As the Universe Ends, the Hunt Begins!


Chaosmos is a 2-4 player card-driven strategy game with miniatures, playable in 60-90 minutes.

In Chaosmos, you are an alien on a desperate quest to find and secure the most important object in the history of the biocosm – The Ovoid. You'll traverse the galaxy, exploring planets and battling other players to build up a strategic hand of cards.

As you progress through the game, you'll gather weapons and tactical equipment that help you discover, gain control of, and protect The Ovoid. This mysterious artifact is your civilization's last hope for survival, and you will have to use deception, misdirection, and strategy to outwit your opponents and possess it at the exact moment the universe collapses!– What Makes Chaosmos Different –

• New Mechanic - Area-Specific Envelopes: Chaosmos uses a unique system in which each of the planets on the game board has a corresponding envelope of cards. When you land on a planet, you can take any of the cards there, leave behind cards you don't need, and hide cards for later. Special tactical cards can be left face-up to protect that planet from your rivals.

• Alien Powers: Each player controls an alien character with powerful unique abilities that reflect their culture and personality. Atturnuk the Brutal may bludgeon enemies, while Drusu the Scryer can use telepathy to scout the Ovoid from afar. 

• Open World: Chaosmos is a sandbox-style game that gives you the freedom to explore many pathways to victory. Each turn you can move in any direction, exploring new planets and choosing how to adapt your strategy as you discover new equipment. You can test out cool gadgets, protect caches of items, stock up on weapons, or anything else you can imagine.

• The Ovoid: All players are vying for control of one singular victory card - the Ovoid. You'll have to carefully time your strategies to hold the Ovoid in the final turn to win.

• Card Interaction: Cards will move organically around the planets, as players find uses for them. Most cards go back to your hand after you play them, allowing you to use them multiple times. By paying attention to what your opponents play, you can pick up cards that counter their strategies, giving you an edge the next time you encounter them.

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