Discounted drinks app
Discounted drinks app



We’re Jim and Roy and we’re creating a program called CenturyClub that gives our members half off all day, every day at participating bars in New York City. 


That’s right. 50% off. 


We’ve seen other apps come and go that promise a few bucks off here and there, but they always come with strings or restrictions.


With a $60 monthly fee, you get half off up to 25 drinks at any of our bars in New York City. And it’s totally cool with us if you want to buy a drink for a friend! (And they can get the next round while you save.) We’ve got some great partner bars and restaurants on board, including Stanton St. Kitchen, In Vino, and Little Sal’s, and we aim to provide our customers with a range of bar experiences to choose from.


We’re creating a program that’s a great deal for customers at a variety of bars and restaurants, and we’re the first and only program like this in America. Thanks for checking us out!


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