Celebration Of Difference
Celebration Of Difference

For the first time this book will bring hundreds of chefs’ recipes to a single cookbook.

            “CELEBRATION OF DIFFERENCE – One Dish at a time.”

Celebration of Difference - One Dish at a Time is a world cookbook with a collection of recipes by creative and award winning chefs and industry veterans from around the world. Every recipe in the book is by an award winning chef or celebrity chef.

We have arranged an awesome list of top 212 chefs in the world’s recipes. These talents are mind blowing, without any doubt they have the ability to recreate variety of dishes that are simply Out of This World!

A world cookbook by creative and award winning chefs and industry veterans in their own right has never been done before.

Celebration of Difference, One Dish at a Time contains out of this world recipes in a single cookbook that celebrates the delicious diversity of planet earth with 300+ recipes by 212 award-winning chefs from 196 countries and consists of 400+ pages and contains over 300 full-colour, beautiful photographs.

This world cookbook will be a real hard cover book that you can display proudly on your shelf. Printed on high quality paper and includes a Herringbone style gold ribbon that adds that finishing touch. 


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