Cedcommerce’s Correios Extension (for shipment in Brazil) for Magneto 2
Cedcommerce’s Correios Extension (for shipment in Brazil) for Magneto 2

This project has already launched.

Cedcommerce’s Correios shipping is a fully configurable extension for Magneto users that calculates shipping charges depending on shipping mode, weight and transit of an order. Using Correios shipping extensions vendors / sellers can easily manage their order, print invoice, track orders from seller panel making the management hassle free. As Correios is

As Correios is national postal operator of Brazil, its network spans all across the country, Correios’ technology which shows freight rates and transit time and enables users to decide whatever suits them best. The Cedcommerce’s Correios extension enables customers to decide shipment modes and calculate shipping rate on their own with one click.   The Cedcommerce’s Correios shipping extension brings more satisfaction to your customers and less work load for your customer service.

Key Point -

  • Admin can enable/disable the module.

  • Admin can set the Fastway Shipping method name that will be shown at front side.

  • Admin can set the allowed countries for this method.

  • Admin can enter Fastway Shipping Api Key.


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