Catitions- Stylish Room Partitions for Cats
Catitions- Stylish Room Partitions for Cats

Catitions are stylish privacy screens specifically designed for cats.
They help conceal messy kitty areas: toys, food, litter box.
They are long-lasting, light-weight and sturdy, designed especially for cats, and are a good alternative for pet enclosures.
With beautiful designs and engravings, they blend well with most home interiors.

Without Catitions:

  • Messy food, litter box and cat toy areas
  • Not enough time to clean kitty areas  
  • Embarrassing impromptu visits 

Catitions Benefits and Features:

  • conceal messy kitty areas beautifully (toys,  litter box, food)
  • light-weight and stable 
  • urine resistant 
  • water resistant
  • non-toxic, eco-friendly finishes and sealer
  • long-lasting 
  • folds for easy storage

Launching soon. Join us and share with your cat loving friends.

For more information, please check out our web page. 

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