CASCADE LEATHER WALLET Pay fast with style
CASCADE LEATHER WALLET Pay fast with style

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CASCADE LEATHER WALLET : Pay fast with style !

The most effective way to access your wallet. Designed for those who want maximum capacity and minimum size.




The Cascade Wallet is the ultimate minimalist wallet that does not limit capacity, security, or accessibility.

The intuitive design allows the quickest and easiest card access. With just the push of a thumb, cards slide out and are instantly available.   


Although extremely compact, it offers room for 6 cards as well as additional cards, receipts and cash in the leather compartment.  

The Cascade Wallet will not only protect your cards from bending but also against any wireless skimming or identity theft thanks to its integrated RFID protection.  

Made from aluminum and highest quality leather the Cascade Wallet is the optimal solution to meet ever man’s needs.









The Cascade Wallet is a combination of functionality and sophisticated design for an effective way to access your wallet.








Everything you need always at your disposal in an instant  

Extremely convenient, the Cascade Wallet is designed for one-handed operation. It features a card ejection mechanism that allows your cards to slide out with a simple push of a button. When deployed you can easily sort through and access your cards at a glance.






Small in size but big on performance  

Despite its small size and thickness, there is room for 6 cards. Plus the separate leather compartment can fit international bills that do not need to be folded as well as receipts and additional cards.





100% protected against electronic pickpockets  

The Cascade Wallet is integrated with RFID protection keeping users 100% protected against electronic data theft.







Premium material for a high-end look  

We choose to produce our leather exclusively in Italy. This way we can ensure our leather is of the highest quality, and to guarantee the highest possible quality of our products, we exclusively use leather from leading Italian tanneries.







6 leathers available :  

PREMIUM EDITION : Black, Orange, Blaster, Dark Brown

LUXURY EDITION : Carbon, Croco


















It comes in a convenient gift box. 
It comes in a convenient gift box.












Founded in 2004 in France, ÖGON DESIGNS invented the concept of the smart wallet, launching the first RFID aluminium wallet. Since ÖGON DESIGNS has continued to produce innovative wallets for men and women with quality and craftsmanship that combine style and functionality.






















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