Carton Vault
Carton Vault

This project has already launched.

Carton Vault ( started as a internal tool which we built for our team. Our team have a number of email accounts and desperate need some tools to back them up instead of using the most famous backup tool - PST.

Thus, we developed Carton Vault which take copies of the email, files we need backup from the email accounts (from IMAP, to Exchange to Office 365) and store them in the cloud.

As of now, the Carton Vault is able to perform the following:

  • Backup of PST/OST files to cloud (we read the data not just upload the PST file to cloud)
  • Backup of Exchange and Office 365 emails
  • Storage backup to Azure (and support Azure Stack)
  • Search and view messages
  • Secure Share of Data stored
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