CarryGo Travel Bag
CarryGo Travel Bag


Your day is filled with things to do. Sometimes, it seems like you just can’t get a moment for yourself. You wouldn’t have it any other way, though. You love it. The action, the excitement, the thrills: you can always count on some new surprise, day after day, which is one reason that your life is so wonderful. Still, you could always use a little help, right?

This is where we come in. We have designed the CarryGo Travel Bag with convenience and safety in mind, just what you need for your on-the-go life. 

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CarryGo Travel Bag


The Vision 

At CarryGo, we wanted to create a versatile bag that could be used at all stages of travelling. The result of this vision is a travel bag that provides both safety and convenience, giving you more time to experience your destination. 

Whether your journey starts at the train station or the airport, CarryGo Travel Bag is there to keep your important documents right at the tip of your fingers. There is plenty of space inside the bag or in the front pocket for your tickets, while the RFID lined passport pocket keeps your passport protected when not being used. We have also included two RFID lined card pockets, so that you can be comfortable in knowing that not only are your cards always within reach, but they are also protected from skimmers.

We have included an innovative new feature in our design, the seat pocket clip. This clip allows you to attach the bag to the seat pocket in front of you, keeping all your essentials in one organised, and easy to reach place. The CarryGo Travel Bag solves the issue of carry-on luggage, allowing you to keep your bulky suitcase or backpack in the overhead locker while still ensuring you have everything you need right in front of you.

No matter where you are, the anti-theft strap will keep your belongings safe. The anti-theft strap looks like any other strap, but has a thin wire running the length which means no thieves can surprisingly cut through it. While in your destination, the CarryGo Travel Bag works perfectly as a day bag. There is space for all your necessities, along with room for a travel guide, and plenty of space for all the postcards you have told your family you would send!

Convenient Pockets
Forget about the chaos of travelling, CarryGo Travel Bag helps to keep everything organised for you! The RFID lined card pockets are easy to access, and keep your cards protected when not in use. The pen holder allows you to keep a pen handy for filling out customs forms, or writing down directions to that restaurant all the other tourists are raving about.

The tablet pocket is suitable for most 7" to 8" tablets, such as the iPad Mini.

Mobile phone and passport pockets, along with a headphone cable hole.
We have made it easy to keep your phone and passport organised and safe. The RFID lined passport pocket keeps your passport information safe, while still having easy access when going through check-in and security procedures. 
The phone pocket sits conveniently under the headphone cable hole, so you can listen to your favourite music while on the go with the bag closed.

Seat Pocket Clip
The CarryGo Travel Bag features our innovative seat pocket clip. No more reaching into the overhead lockers to get your wallet or large bags taking up valuable leg space, this clip allows you to attach the bag to the seat pocket in front of you keeping all your belongings within close reach

Whether you are flying on route to your destination or taking the local train to see the sights, the seat pocket clip keeps all your belongings right in front of you

Anti-Theft Strap
The CarryGo Travel Bag comes with an anti-theft strap. Running through the length of the strap is a metal wire which prevents thieves from cutting the strap in order to steal your belongings. 

Luggage Handle Strap
The elastic luggage handle strap allows you to attach your CarryGo Travel Bag to your exisiting luggage.


No matter where you are going, the CarryGo Travel bag is the piece of equipment you need. Made with 600D polyester, microfiber leather, RFID lining and zinc alloy hardware, this is one piece of luggage you do not want to be without. 


Take a look at our Kickstarter preview here:

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