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Times of crisis have caused buyers to tip over into the used-vehicle market. Last year second-hand car sales doubled to that of new cars. But buying second-hand has its risks and we have to take precautions so that the operation does not fail us. The first thing is to take it easy, not to rush and dedicate to the process the necessary time to inform, compare and choose correctly.

How to sell a used car soon

Compare your car insurance

1.- Choose between an individual or a specialized company . In the second case, whether they are second-hand businesses or the brand's own distribution networks, it offers greater legal guarantees of purchase in the face of an unsatisfactory purchase or hidden vice of the car. Claiming an individual is also possible with a contract through, but it is more difficult, expensive and complicated.

2.- Always check the vehicle's fair pricing . Its price must be in accordance with the established by the established rates. There are guides and price lists printed and on the Internet where each model and version are priced according to their characteristics, age and mileage.

3.- Be inquisitive with the seller . Do not hesitate to ask about everything that refers to the vehicle. The mileage, how many owners have owned it, how they used it, the mechanical history, if they had accidents, how much they consume, reasons for the sale, any information we get will serve to make a decision or negotiate.

4. Be thorough when inspecting the vehicle . From the exterior appearance to the engine bolts, through the interior or the underside of the vehicle, all the details can give us hints about the maintenance it has had and the current state of the car. Try to do it by day, in good light, defects in sheet metal, paint, tires or interiors will be more visible. Levels of oil and coolant or correct operation of the air conditioning will give good clues about a correct maintenance.

5.- Check the vehicle documentation carefully . Permit of circulation, technical sheet, certificate of the most recent ITV and make sure that the seller is the unique owner of the vehicle and that there are no payments pending on this one. All the data have to square and in the doubt it is better to verify them in the DGT before having problems after the purchase.

6.- Do not buy without trying . Insist on the seller to prove it on a varied route that includes city and highway, where can verify the operation of the engine and the state of change, brakes, shock absorbers, etc? Drive by focusing on all the reactions of the car, even reverse, to realize how it responds in the greatest variety of situations.

7.- In case of purchase, carry out all administrative procedures as soon as possible , giving priority to insurance to have coverage from the moment you start using the vehicle. Evaluate whether it is worth hiring full insurance in a car where it may no longer be worth paying.

8. Do not rush . If you have doubts it is better to let it go and see other options. Even if the seller presses you in a hurry, be calm and evaluate all the data objectively. Do not hesitate to ask for advice and expect to be well informed.

9.- Choose and clarify the payment system with the seller . If there is a signal, a receipt and details are required in the contract of sale, how the monetary operation will be carried out. These documents will be decisive if subsequent disagreements arise. Remember that if you buy the car in a commercial establishment, you will not be able to pay more than 2,500 euros in cash. But if it is a private transaction, there is no such cash payment limit.

10.- In spite of all precautions, there may be a hidden defect in the vehicle that appears after the transaction. If the car we have bought in a specialized business, the sale guarantee will cover the repair. The way of acting in the case of individuals will be in the first place to contact the seller and agree that a professional expert values ​​the repair. If the seller does not keep up with these reasons, we always have the courts that will dictate if we have to repair the losses produced or even buy back the vehicle.

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