CARLO FELICE luxury photoshoot project
CARLO FELICE luxury photoshoot project

Hi there!

My name is Katherine and I am the founder and director of Carlo Felice brand. We design luxury womenswear and our mission is to empower ambitious women by providing them with the right clothes so they can feel more beautiful and confident and go after their dreams. We create with purpose and we live and breathe the three fundamental values: quality, transparency and responsibility.

Our clothes are handmade of highest quality materials, focusing on silk, natural leather, wool and cotton that we handpick and manufacture in Italy.

Although we are a start-up, we have been able to successfully deliver two fashion collections, create a beautiful website and launch the online boutique. Currently advertising with Vanity Fair and Tatler, we constantly generate interest and drive the audience and our clientele to push the boundaries of quality and focus on creating with purpose in mind. Because we are now searchable on the prestigious Not Just A Label platform, we have been pre-eleceted to attend Vancouver Fashion Week in September, an opportunity that is reserved for only up to 60 designers from around the world.

With that in mind, we could not be more grateful to have caught the wave and we feel the need to continue sharing our vision with the world. In order to do that, we now require to do another shoot, this time raising the benchmark of luxury, thus the purpose of this campaign.

We need to raise GBP5,000 to enable us to send our collection of luxury garments to Spain to our amazing photographer/journalist to coordinate the photoshoot which will enable us to constitute a worthy participant of the Vancouver Fashion Week event, as well as continue advertising with glossy magazines to challenge the face of fashion. We have also already discussed partnering up with Porsche car makers, who would be willing to share their car with us for the day of the shoot so we can target the right audience. Once we have successfully raised GBP5,000 we will be able to pay for the rental of the exclusive villa, the photographer, casting and one model, hair and makeup stylist and post production work. In exchange we would love to provide you with the perks of some of our exclusive products.

Thank you for your time spent reviewing this application and we hope you can put your trust and money and help us realise our dreams. Thank you!


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