Care Cards
Care Cards

This mighty little deck of cards will change your health habits.

The Care Cards put you in touch with habits to improve your health, life, and well-being. Our sometimes surprising, always practical tips nudge you toward the healthiest life possible. This deck of cards will transform the way you think about yourself and what it means to be healthy.

There are 44 cards in our updated deck. On the front of each card is a beautiful illustration reminding you of a specific principle that can move you in the direction of better health. On the back of each card, we give you essential insights, tips, and help in manifesting that idea in your life.

Udo being introduced to the habit of 'Wash Your Hands' 
Udo being introduced to the habit of 'Wash Your Hands'

A small pledge for a big impact.

We ask for your help. We want to print and distribute 3,000 copies of our Care Cards. It's just $12 for one set of cards. Bigger packages enable more affordable decks. Give them to your work team, your social group, your family, your friends, your doctor, and your nurse. More than the gorgeous art and valuable life insights, you are helping us to amplify the clarion call to show the world a better vision for health. Doing good and getting something lovely for a modest price: What’s not to like?


What people are saying…

People are thirsty for health advice. They read, search online, and wonder: Am I doing OK? Am I doing the right things for my health? What if, when someone asks the universe (read: the internet), for health advice, they got back a quick tip, backed by evidence?
Susannah Fox, Digital Health Strategist

"The [Care Cards] deck does exude its own geeky charm."
If A Picture's Worth 1,000 Words, Could It Help You Floss?
- National Public Radio

"The cards work because they focus on routine and are designed to be user-friendly. Each card uses beautiful-but-accessible art, and the text is short, simple, and clear."
Turning Advice into Lifestyle
- Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare Magazine

"The ultimate goal [of the Care Cards] is to inspire us to be self-monitoring, self-empowered patients. If we do this, we will be the change the U.S. health system needs."
Playing Cards for DIY Health

- Jane Sarasohn-Kahn at HealthcareDIY

Our current Care Cards:

Care Cards 
Care Cards

Easy-to-use, to take, to share

A little bigger than a standard deck of cards, Care Cards were designed to fit into your pocket - and your life.

Any card slides right into your bag, purse, or wallet 
Any card slides right into your bag, purse, or wallet

Driven by a mission to create better lives, and a better world

We are part of a global movement to shift the health care system to one of:

  • Non-invasive personal diagnostics
  • Highly specialized clinicians that work closely with patients and their families
  • Self-monitoring, self-empowered patients

Getting there is equal parts smart technology, healthcare reform, and everyday common sense. We’re here to help with the last part of that equation while evangelizing for the entire system to evolve to better serve patients. We believe living the Care Cards is better for our pocketbooks, smarter for our lives, and allows us to directly impact our health.

It all starts with awareness. That’s where the Care Cards come in.

Vaccinate Your Child 
Vaccinate Your Child

Designed by patients, collaborating with clinicians

We are all trying to live healthier. While we discover an abundance of tips and resources on the Internet, they are far-flung and soon outdated. Our  doctors' sage advice can be hard to retain after the uber-short clinician visit and within the pace of everyday life. We need something to take healthful tips and inject them in a more lasting way.

That's why we're working together with doctors, nurses, patient advocates, and healthcare industry veterans to co-craft the Care Cards.

Eva Zasloff, MD at the Hallmark Clinic in Medford, MA 
Eva Zasloff, MD at the Hallmark Clinic in Medford, MA

To gain both patient and clinical validation, we're working with an early adopter tribe of doctors and nurses at Hallmark Health, a clinic in Somerville, MA to integrate the Care Cards into a real practice with real doctors and everyday patients.

During encounters, a clinician and patient create and discuss personal care plans, typically around eating better, getting more exercise, and being alert to specific conditions such as high blood pressure or rising cholesterol. The Care Cards pilot will focus on supporting visual and auditory learning and  providing take-aways from clinical visits. By concentrating one major aspect of their health (like 'Control your Cholesterol'), patients will be assigned a care plan made up of a personalized selection of related Care Cards.

"I think that Care Cards can be a creative way to get people talking and thinking more about  their health and personal lifestyle goals."
- Dr Eva Zasloff

Beth Herlin getting feedback from Hallmark Clinic stakeholders: doctors (seen here), nurses, patients, and care team members. 
Beth Herlin getting feedback from Hallmark Clinic stakeholders: doctors (seen here), nurses, patients, and care team members.

This campaign will feed the production pipeline for our early adopter clinic. Several thousand decks and individual cards will be printed to support visual care planning between patients, doctors, nurses, and the entire care team at the Hallmark Clinic. 

We love where digital health is going.

For almost 10 years, we at goinvo have been building software for health companies of every shape and size, from household names like AstraZeneca and Walgreens, to research leaders like the Personal Genome Project and Partners Healthcare. We also work with the most exciting and progressive health startups. We’ve made digital healthcare our top focus.

The Team

The Care Cards are by Juhan Sonin and Harry Sleeper. They are illustrated beautifully by Sarah Kaiser (and a few by Kelly Mansfield), and edited by Jane Kokernak. Beth Herlin is crafting the experience with the Hallmark Clinic.

The Process


The team created the Care Cards deck over a eighteen-month period. Starting with a dozen core, personal health habits, they turned these initial ideas into short catch phrases. Sarah draws hundreds of sketches, which often drove the name and card story.

The creative process started with sketches of different concepts for each Care Card 
The creative process started with sketches of different concepts for each Care Card

Next, Jane hones the narrative, based on research, and edited each care card story arc. Throughout this iterative process of conceptualization and refinement, the team continued to brainstorm more ways — big and small — to influence health and life, incorporating those insights into the deck.

From the initial concepts, the team selected ideas to further refine. 
From the initial concepts, the team selected ideas to further refine.

As the campaign evolves, we'll showcase the process of creating each concept from idea to sketch to art to final message. As a preview, here's Sarah drawing 'Vaccinate your Child'.


Stretch Goals

If we break $3,000, we can work our fabulous 'Move More' tshirt into the rewards queue.

Dr Jeff Belden donning the Move More tshirt 
Dr Jeff Belden donning the Move More tshirt

 Your phone is a key part of managing your life and health. Creating a digital care planning service, using the Care Cards as "care steps" is a natural evolution of the product. A stretch goal of $10,000 would seed the prototype.

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