Card Master
Card Master

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Introducing Card Master, an exciting tactical card game with easy to learn rules for 2 players ages 7 and up.

The goal: Try to take your opponents cards using a variety of different moves, but be careful they’re trying to take your cards too.

As you improve, add on new rules making the game more complex.

Are you good enough to become the card master? There is only one!
Card Master, is a game I've been working on for a while now. It's an exciting game that has been play tested with ages ranging from 7 and up. All I have enjoyed it and happily replayed it multiple times.

I've been wanting to get this game out to more people for a while now and I'm hoping with the help of the upcoming kickstarter to make this a reality.

This Prefundia page is to help generate some excitement for the upcoming kickstarter. While all the games graphics are finished many of the marketing graphics and videos are not. Show your support for the game now by submiting your email address. When the kickstarter campaign launches we'll send you an email.

The kickstarter campaign will have a number of exciting reward levels ranging from $1 all the way up to $299.Rewards Include:

  • Physical copy of the game shipped anywhere in the world
  • Print and Play copy of the game
  • Coloring In pages for our orignial monsters both digital and printed
  • Kickstarter plan we used to launch our campaign
  • Posters of our original monsters (size not yet decided)
  • Meet the creator and play some Card Master and get any questions answered
  • T-shirt with one of our monsters
  • Get your own monster insterted in the game
  • Have the future tournament trophy named after you

All the work for the game itself has been finished. We are now putting together graphics and videos for the marketing and kickstarter campaign. As well as talking to various blogs, websites, etc to help preview & advertise on as we get closer to the campaign launch.

You can submit your email address here to be alerted when the campaign goes live. We would also appreciate likes on our Facebook page and following our Twitter feed. Also share us with your friends and family that would be interested in our exciting new game.

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