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An exciting tactical card game!

Assemble your monster army to fight on one of four different battle maps. Use planning and tactics to outplay your opponent. Will you use a turn to reinforce a position with a stronger monster? Is this the time to use your one time power attack? Can you unleash a devastating chain attack? Or is your opponent leading you into a trap?

Battle to have the most monsters on the map and control more territory than your opponent. Six different ways to play, a variety of different rules making the game easy and fast for younger players or more tactical and longer for experienced players and four maps included and more can be downloaded

Are you cunning enough to defeat your opponent and claim the title of Card Master? There can only be one!

  • Change rules during the game to bolster your position
  • Attack your opponent and take their cards and territory using a variety of different rules.
  • Place cards defensively to stop your own monsters from being captured.
  • Game Time: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Uses critical thinking, logic and numeracy skills.

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*More rule cards to come.

Card Master, is a game I've been working on for a while now. It's an exciting game that has been play tested with ages ranging from 7 and up. All have enjoyed it and happily replayed it multiple times.

I've been wanting to get this game out to more people for a while now and I'm hoping with the help of the upcoming kickstarter to make this a reality.

All the work for the game itself has been finished. We are now putting together graphics and videos for the marketing and kickstarter campaign. As well as talking to various blogs, websites, etc to help preview & advertise on as we get closer to the campaign launch.

You can submit your email address here to be alerted when the campaign goes live. We would also appreciate likes on our Facebook page and following our Twitter feed. Also share us with your friends and family that would be interested in our exciting new game. There's quick links at the top.

Facebook - Card Master

Twitter - Card Master

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