Caramel Indulgence for the Caramel Fiend
Caramel Indulgence for the Caramel Fiend

This project has already launched.

Caramels Made For the Caramel Fiend Seeking Caramel Nirvana.

If you love a good caramel check out the latest project by Grey Owl Trading Post.  It's a project that is filled to the brim with buttery, tasty caramels created from natural, organic and real ingredients... nothing artifical, no preservatives and no synthetic flavorings.

Grey Owl Trading Post began selling artisan caramels at local southwest Virginia farmers markets and has created a Kickstarter project in order to begin offering online ordering/shipping.  The caramels are handmade weekly in small batches to ensure the freshest product is available.

A great deal of attention is given to the ingredients to ensure a quality product.  

  • Local Cream and Butter- Supplied by Homestead Creamery.  A local group of farmers dedicated to grass frolicking cows who don't receive added milk production hormones.
  • Local Vendor Engagement- Support and promotion of other local vendors is important to GOTP.  Coffee for the coffee caramels is from local vendor Hill City Coffee, Honey is from different local vendors (depending on the time of year) and produce is from local market stands, when available, as well.
  • Organic, Organic Compliant and Natural Flavorings/Extracts-  Real vanilla extract/beans are used.  Organic Compliant and Organic Flavorings/Extracts ensure that no artifical flavorings and weird synthetic stuff find their way into the kitchen.
  • Top Quality Chocolate-  The dark chocolate is organic, fair trade and soy free. The white chocolate is fair trade and organic.  The milk chocolate is made in Belgium using top quality dairy and is also fair trade.

Wrapped Caramels in assorted flavors such as Tahitian Vanilla Coffee, Honey Orange, Icy Peppermint, Madagascar Vanilla, Coconut Almond & more!  

Dipped Caramels are made from rich madagascar vanilla caramel and dipped in either milk or dark chocolate with or without sea salt.

Turtles come in a variety of flavors such as Macadamia Nut with Coconut Caramel dipped in Dark Chocolate & the traditional Pecan Caramel also dipped in Dark Chocolate.  The nuts in all the turtles are roasted first to bring out their full flavor.

So please check out the Grey Owl Trading Post Caramel Indulgence Campaign and join the fun in creating and experiencing Caramel Nirvana!

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