Car Culture Book for Early Readers
Car Culture Book for Early Readers

This project has already launched.

Nicky is Stanced Out is a children’s book about a car name Nicky that is having trouble fitting in after his owner has given him oversized wheels and lowered suspension. Nicky is left lonely and feeling like he doesn’t belong, but soon he finds out that all it takes is one friendly face to change everything.

The book is a publication by TunersCare, a charitable organization of car enthusiasts looking to motivate positive social impact. The book is available digitally, but the team wants to get it printed as a board book as they feel the look and feel of a children's book is nearly as important as the story. In order to get it printed, they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to help with some of the costs. Backers of the campaign get the chance to pre­order the book and share this story with their own children.

A copy of the book shipped to a US address is available for only a $14 pledge.

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