CAPSULA BACKPACK&BAG - waterproof/inflatable/air-bag/floating/anti-crash/modular internal space
CAPSULA BACKPACK&BAG - waterproof/inflatable/air-bag/floating/anti-crash/modular internal space

This project has already launched.

We are frequent travelers, we have offices in Milan, Turin, London, Houston and in China. We're always flying around the world. We are ITALIAN and we love cool design.

We decided to design CAPSULA because we could never find the perfect bag, able to meet our needs in any situation and in every circumstance.

​Frequent travelers need a functional bag, secure, resistant and also light and comfortable to carry. Hard shell bags fulfill the function of protection, but what about placing them in the tight overhead compartment on a crowded plane?

Travel bags are seldom waterproof. Real WP bags are designed only for technical outdoor activities, not for everyday use or traveling. With CAPSULA, we decided to consider the risk of getting caught in a sudden downpour while carrying your documents and valuable electronics (laptop, tablets, smartphone, etc) on the way to an important meetin.

CAPSULA is the solution because: It has a minimalist elegant design that is functional and looks great in any circumstance. It’s light and comfortable to carry as a backpack, as a sling or as a briefcase.

It’s inflatable. Once inflated, any fragile contents are protected against impact - better than in a hard shell – plus it’s easy to squeeze into a tight space (overhead compartment, trunk, etc.)… and if you need to reduce the size, just open the zipper to take out all of the air and close it. CAPSULA can also behave as a vacuum bag.

It is 100% waterproof in case it accidentally falls in water or gets left outside in a rain storm.

Above features are also very useful during outdoor activities, water and winter sports.

But there is another very unique feature: it is also FLOATS.

Useful when canoeing/kayaking, sailing or just swimming from the boat to the beach bringing your mobile phone, a towel, food etc.

We wanted to design a bag perfect for any circumstance. We have lots of backpacks and carry-ons full of internal pockets and compartments.

It’s the nightmare of Sunday evening, back from the weekend and needing to be ready to leave for a business trip the next morning: You empty the bag, searching in hidden and mysterious pockets for important items. A lot of stuff scattered on the floor - afraid to forget something and fear of carrying something useless.

To avoid this troublesome situation we designed a color coded tyle-styled internal set of capsules.

In five different colors and sizes they match in different combinations. Thanks to a self-engaging hook and loop system - they can be easily and quickly replaced. But once placed inside the capsules they stay in the right place with perfect weight distribution inside the bag.

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