The Capricorn Pocket Hook
The Capricorn Pocket Hook

This project has already launched.

The Capricorn is not designed to be a pocket tool – it’s designed to be a pocket companion.

Unlike traditional pocket tools, the Capricorn’s design focuses on the use of hooks, allowing it to be used in a variety of different ways to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced multi-tool user, the Capricorn will prove to be a vital addition to your everyday carry.

Attach the Capricorn to belt loops, pockets, backpacks, and more. Use it to carry multiple shopping bags together, safely and securely. Organize keys, bags, hats, and other items. With the Capricorn, you’re getting a companion that can assist you for both the daily and unexpected tasks in life. The possibilities are truly endless.


Note: The model displayed on this page is a prototype. It was made from a plastic composite with hand tools. The actual design, shown above, will be created from titanium by a waterjet. It features a thicker, flared hook, redesigned clip, and other changes to perfect the design. 


The prototypes are in! We are ready to launch on kickstarter within a few days! Early bird prices will be $17 for the first 50 people, so be sure to sign up to be notified of our launch! Here are the pieces, fresh off the waterjet! 



 We are excited to show the results of our anodization tests! The gold, purple, and darkest blue will now be offered as anodization options for the Capricorn! 


The Capricorn’s proprietary design is centered around three hooks. However, to increase functionality, these hooks are integrated with useful tools.

Main Hook - The largest hook at the bottom of the Capricorn can attach to your belt loop or a backpack and help suspend other items. It can also be used as a handle while the other hooks are being utilized.

Pocket Clip/Hook - The pocket clip makes the Capricorn easily accessible while suspending your keychain to prevent an uncomfortable clump at the bottom of your pocket. The pocket clip can also be utilized as a hook for items such as bags while the main hook is used as a belt loop or handle.

Bottle Opener, 1/4" Hexagonal Wrench, Mini Hook - The mini hook, being wide and shallow, is intended for more temporary tasks such as lifting a hot pot or dutch oven off of a stove or fire. Additionally, this hook doubles as a bottle opener, and the ¼” opening can be used as a hex wrench for standard quarter inch bits.


The Capricorn can be clipped to dangle keychains inside the pocket. Alternatively, the Capricorn can hook onto a belt loop and dangle a keychain off of one's person.

The main hook can also be used to carry multiple shopping bags. 

By hooking the Capricorn onto a backpack, additional bags, hats, or other items can be neatly suspended. 


The Capricorn is made out of grade 5, 6AL4V titanium, the same material used in airplanes, surgical implants, and golf clubs. Due to it’s high strength and low weight, this material is ideal for strong hooks and clips while remaining portable. At just a little over 15 grams, the Capricorn weighs less than three quarters combined.  Additionally, the corrosion resistance of titanium means humidity and sweat will not affect the material. This makes the Capricorn a resilient and low-profile tool you can take everywhere.



After the manufacturing company finishes producing the Capricorns, we will personally hand finish, inspect, and test each one to make sure the tool is perfect for you. The Capricorn in these images is the exact same as the one you will receive. We guarantee our tool to be free from defects caused by material or manufacturing. Should such a defect occur, we will repair or replace the tool at our discretion.


Who are we?

You know how many kids want to “prove” themselves? To show they’re independent, can take care of themselves, and so on? Well that’s us and that’s this. We are two high school graduates about to go to college. And this? This Kickstarter project is our attempt to prove that we can design, create, market, and distribute a finished product. This is our endeavor to prove not only to ourselves but the world that we can hold our own. With your help, we can prove to ourselves that we can conduct business and succeed in the real world.

Rest assured that our inexperience does not mean additional risk. We are in the process of creating the final prototype, which will be made with the same material, waterjet company, and design as the actual product. This means this "prototype" will be indestiguishable from the product you receive. Therefore, we can test and ensure the final piece will meet your expectations. In our opinion, this greatly negates a large amount of manufacturing risk. 


If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post them underneath! Please share with others - it would really help us reach a wider audience. Thank you for reading!

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