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December 4th, 2013
Seattle, WA



ATT: Corey Kimball, CEO & Founder, Canvi Inc.


“Great men, like great epochs, are explosive material in whom tremendous energy has been accumulated; their prerequisite has always been, historically and physiologically, that a protracted assembling, accumulating, economizing and preserving has preceded them- that there has been no explosion for a long time.”

- Friedrich Nietzche, Philosopher 












 Canvi Inc. was founded in Olympia, Washington and operates out of Seattle.  We build software tools for artists to use with the Internet.  We are a team of three, including two founders and one attorney.  Both CoFounders are located on the West Coast.  Corey is located in Seattle, Washington, while Cameron is located in Orange County, California.  Our mission is to empower the artists of our generation- we want to change the world, by encouraging more art, diminishing the boundaries between different cultures. 


For artists who need help with their creative projects, Canvi is a social network to connect with creative communities.  Unlike Facebook, with Canvi, artists can solicit their creative services and artwork and browse through others that interest them.


January 24th, for our selected alpha-users.


We're excited to engage with our followers on Twitter and other audiences directly.  As our launch date approaches, we can benefit from the marketing opportunities presented with crowdfunding campaigns, using the campaign as a way to measure reception and prepare for introduction.  Funds supporting the Canvi brand and our first product, @TheCanvi, will allow us to transition smoothly to version 1.0 of our software, while integrating new features and technologies into our official version.  Backers will receive an account to use the platform, including a license-key for registration.




With @TheCanvi you own 100% of your data.  



@TheCanvi social networking platform has six different mediums for any and all creative people to find an outlet and brand themselves with their project on our site: 






Painting & Drawing

Design & Sculpture




I never wanted a company; I never in my life thought that I would found a corporation.  It was all in preparation.  The decision to file with an S-Corp over a C-Corp.  The decision to incorporate in Seattle as opposed to Delaware.  Canvi Inc. was incorporated August 15th, 2011.  I called my mother and my stepfather and borrowed the money for the title.  My attorney processed and filed the paperwork, thus Canvi Inc. was born.  

Canvi Inc. is a brand, that is first and foremost.  Before a company.  Before a tax ID. Canvi is a movement.  I want the world to know that.  And to see the stuff that I have been working on.  I think these products are great and I think that these products are needed right now.  Our world is in a dark hour; but the clock is ticking.  The hand is moving.  And the direction that it is headed is a direction that I am optimistic about, for Seattle, for America, and for the world.

Seattle is on the cusp; if you don’t know The Emerald City then you don’t know God’s gift.  And if you cannot identify a gift from God then I suggest you visit a church.  This is my home; out of all of the places that I have lived- Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Nevada, California, Seattle is where I grew up, in Microsoft’s own Redmond, Washington.  I was influenced by both Apple and Microsoft at a very early age in my life.  I recall friends from my childhood with parents who worked at Microsoft, bringing home the latest software games.  Pre-released Microsoft Office discs given to my father from family friends for his own business affairs.  My father owned a Macintosh as well, and I can still remember to this day the fun that I had interacting with it and how stimulated I was by the graphical user interface which kept me entertained and intrigued for entire weekends in between school.  KidPix was my favorite.

A lot of my family and friends don’t know exactly what I have been working on.  People know that I have been establishing a presence online with my social media and making strides to start a company.  It should be obvious that I have been possessed by a vision; and if it is not, then better reason for you to continue reading.

In early 2011, at 23 years old, I designed and engineered a social network, including a mobile application, as well as a hardware device.  I worked on these products for six months before my business partner and I felt the time was appropriate to legitimize the movement with regard to momentum and involvement with others on the website project.

Again, none of this was premeditated.  I didn’t have an interest one day to venture onto the rugged path of entrepreneurship; and I never thought that I would ever create a website.  I didn’t sit down and make an attempt to create the next Mark Zuckerberg production- let that be understood; in fact, it wasn’t until the week before flying to New York City and meeting with Sony that I decided I would check out the popular movie associated with his social network.  I turned it off halfway through.  Facebook is kind of fun, I guess.  It’s an entertaining platform. As a company product it’s generated plenty of attention and success, sure.  But it serves no real purpose.  How does this make my life better and more productive is a question I constantly asked myself; until I accepted the fact that it simply does not.

Shortly after incorporating, I initiated my social media presence.  Social media has always been important to me, it’s my outlet.  My voice.  A public diary and my medium to the world.  It has played a role since the founding of Canvi and it will continue playing a role for as long as I live and pursue the vision of great products.  I’m not sure how much I want to go into details about The Canvi.  I’m not going to discuss my meetings with Sony, or my time at Stanford.  This isn’t about any of that- this is about my company.  This is an open letter about my vision.  This is about my heart- my passion.  Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best, “If you haven’t found something worth dying for, you aren’t fit to be living.”.  And that resonates.  There have been times that I have questioned the pursuit; but this has become a call of duty.  The world needs this. People need this.  I have solutions to provide.

I want to see a change.  I want to see things get better.  I want to see people united.  I want people to see what I see that can be.  Where foreign culture is no longer an unknown, but a familiarity.  Where stronger communities are established.  A love for one another is felt.  And I feel like the only way that we can achieve these things is if the current dividers preventing such from happening: racism, poverty, segregation, amongst many others- if these things are all demolished then we can expect a great outcome.  At the very least these things become only a blemish, and no longer a disturbance on society.  My mind works overtime doing everything and anything that I can do to further my vision.  Every single day.  It is like a curse; but I appreciate it as a gift.  Because I see these things every day.  And I always have had this interest for change.  For the first time ever, every person on this planet has the ability to DO something.  There is an avenue somewhere, somehow, someone can make a difference with.  I see the Internet as a source of power.  Supplying efficient energy to products that are used by us, predominantly by my generation.  The Internet is like electricity; or running water.  And if it is used appropriately a change may come.  Permitted, of course, that there are enough people involved to really make that change together.

I have been researching crowdsourcing and the benefits really interest me.  Aside from the fact that it can help get my product launched and Canvi off the ground, it has potent potential for revolution- I want to be a part of that.  For the first time ever, with social media, one has the ability to engage and involve society with a fundamental cause and movement, directly.  The people joining a movement! A part of a project, a part of a product, and a part of a cause- an entrepreneurial journey.  I like that. I’ve always liked the ability to engage with social media, and now I have discovered the perfect way to reveal my projects, introduce my products, and share my vision.  So we’ll see; this is my calling- this is my manifesto.






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