Canon Panda - the first game you can play on YouTube!
Canon Panda - the first game you can play on YouTube!

This project has already launched.


  Canon Panda is the first game ever developed to be played solely on YouTube

What's in the name? Our Panda hero is a very serious individual who likes to follow the law and believes in fundamental principles, he is a law abiding canon panda! With your help, he will use a cannon and other means to rescue his true love!

Why did we do this? Because it was there, right in front of us, challenging us to create something that many thought impossible to do. And who are we to say ´NO´ to a challenge? We thought, is it possible to do this, to create a game that requires no download and that can be played on YouTube? 

And guess what? We did it. This beautiful game works. Now, can you guess how we did it? CLICK HERE TO TRY IT OUT (PC Only). We want to hear your thoughts. 

At the end of the day, all that matters is that the kickstarter community enjoys the game, and then, if you can find it in your beautiful little hearts, to support us and to spread the word, well, we would be extremely grateful. 

 The picture below shows the actual game on YouTube. Yes, it is real! Click it and play Level 1 on your PC!




He is a very private, very serious bear whose main objective in life is to protect a virgin natural bamboo forest in Western China for the benefit of the wild panda bears that live there.  



She is a wonderful, little environmentalist who fights wholeheartedly for the betterment of life by supporting all the major environmental causes that are worth her hard work. Examples, save the whale, water pollution, climate change, carbon footing. But the one cause that moves her heart the most is Wildlife Conservation. 




He is just that, EVIL. The son of a rich and well known banker, he never worked at achieving anything. He didn´t have to.  All he wants to do is continue with his privileged lifestyle. His main hobby, hunting.


The picture above shows Miss Panda being magically hidden in a box by one of Evil Monkey's most loyal followers, "Merlinkey" the monkey magician. Canon Panda will need to be smart about finding Miss Panda.



The first time Miss Panda read about Canon Panda and what he was doing, protecting the bamboo forest, she fell in love with him. Immediately she used her phenomenal social media following through Instagram, Twitter and her blog to promote his project. And when Canon Panda, surprised at the sudden interest in his forest and the increase in financial backing for his project, found out that it was  Miss Panda who had gone out of her way to help him, well, he couldn´t do anything else but to fall in love too.


 One day Evil Monkey went to China to hunt the one prize that was missing on his trophy wall; a Panda bear. 


And he did. And he took a picture and proudly posted it in his Instagram account. He had no idea the backlash he would get once Miss Panda found out. 

She was offended. She could not believe it. Looking at the picture brought tears to her eyes. And she went on the attack. Immediately she brought the story to the whole world saying, ¨I can´t believe this is happening. How can this barbarian exist? Someone should stop him. He must be put in jail.¨

A few days later Evil Monkey was captured by the authorities for hunting protected species under universal law. You have no idea how happy she was at hearing of his arrest.


But very soon after his detention the unexpected happened: Evil Monkey escaped from jail. 


A bit scared Miss Panda mentioned to her followers in her blog that Evil Monkey had sent her threatening messages promising that all those responsible for his pain would pay. Defiantly she proclaimed, ¨I am not afraid of him. Let him come and get me¡¨

That is exactly what happened. For several days no one heard anything from her. She had disappeared. At that point Canon Panda spearheaded a search and rescue operation to find his one and only true love. 

But Evil Monkey is resourceful and cunning. Poor Canon Panda doesn´t know what to do. That´s why he needs your help. Without you he doesn´t stand a chance. Please, could you help him get through the incredible maze created by Evil Monkey and help him rescue his beloved Miss Panda?  

The picture above shows Miss Panda inside the ferocious mouth of the monkey emperor but Canon Panda is willing to risk his life to save her. 

LEO is our Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is the genius who one day asked himself, "Wouldn't it be great if we could develop a game in YouTube?",and he did it! He is a very smart guy who figured out how to design a game that can actually be played in YouTube! Can you figure out how he did it?

ANDRES is our in-house gamer and super animation expert. Andres has developed an irresistible appetite for manga and retro style animation, which he has successfully displayed in Canon Panda...and, did I mention that he is also a talented guitar player?

DIEGO. The gifted writer of the team. Without him we couldn´t have done it. No way possible. He is just amazing. (We have to say this otherwise he would charge us.) He created the characters´ profiles; their needs, their wants, their obstacles, what makes them tick. Additionally, he is responsible for the main story, the situation and events that took place that allowed all these characters to interact. 

CARMELA. She's awesome! Carmela reviews everything we develop, checks for consistency, keeps our feet on the floor and adds a very key element of the whole project, she adds the girl's dimension to every aspect of the project, which is priceless.  

JULIANA. Our awesome game tester plays every single level and gives us the "Go"/ "No Go" signal!  Phewwww, she's loving Canon Panda!!... and she is just 8 years old! She said that she was lucky to find the panda hat, mostly because of our game, CANON PANDA!!!!!

 The picture above shows Miss Panda has been taken hostage to a secret caribbean hideout by members of the Evil Monkey Empire. Can you help Canon Panda survive the sharks and rescue Miss Panda?

CANON PANDA has been in development for almost a year... and we are almost there!!!  There are two more levels that we need to complete with your support. We are an indie group of creators that had a dream, decided to do it during our spare time (meaning usually late at night) and here we are... doing it. CANON PANDA is our passion, our dream come true. 

Your pledges will go into completing the remaining levels of the game and marketing the game at launch. We are sure your funding will get us over that last hill and the final result will be fantastic. 

Below is a breakdown of how these funds will be used:

At the same time we would love you guys to help us get the word out. If you believe this is a project that deserves to be backed then by all means help us tell as many people as possible about it. 

Twitter: @nuvoapps


Instagram: @canonpandagame

I am sure all of us have always wanted to be a part of something that is unique, that is new, that´s never been done before. Isn´t that what all of us creators want to achieve? Thank you once again for all your help.

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