Cancer Star Sign Enamel Pin
Cancer Star Sign Enamel Pin

This project has already launched.

I would love to make these illustrations into Star Sign pins. Each star sign is a different project and if the goal amount is reached - the equivalent of 30 pieces of the pin - then I will be able to successfully manufacture them and mail them out to you!

The goal amount of S$360 equals to 30 pieces of each pin - that's S$12 for each pin, shipping included.

The Cancer pin will have black plated metal and three colours including iridescent glitter for the crab. 

 Below is an example of the star sign before - Pisces, also with soft enamel fill and rose gold plated metal and the backing card it comes with. The back is secured with a black PVC rubber clutch (not blue, like in the picture)

These are examples of soft enamel pins I have manufactured before, to give a clearer idea of what the Cancer pin will look like.

These are future pin designs for the upcoming Star Signs Leo and Virgo. The Leo pin design will be up for pledging once this campaign ends!

Funding equates to the retail price of the pin. Here on Kickstarter while the campaign is live, shipping is free! So do make your pledges before the campaign ends.

Let's hope all the star signs get made into pins!



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