CanAir - Better Air, Better Life
CanAir - Better Air, Better Life

This project has already launched.

What is CanAir

Canair is a test flight product which contains fresh clean air from Whitehorse, Yukon. We are redesigning the collectable bottle and respiratory inhaler to make it easier to use and reduce the waste during inhalation process. Our motivation for it is to raise awareness of environmental sustainability since more than 5.5 million people died of air pollution globally every year.

About CanAir

A trip we took in 2015 to Whitehorse, Yukon inspired us to eventually started a company there. We often heard how great and fresh the air is in Whitehorse, but didn't realize until we were actually there. It was beyond imagination. It was like your entirely body is cleaned through every breath. We want to share the greatness with everyone, that’s why CanAir was designed and manufactured. We sold over 900 bottles in China, that was a big success.

However, we want more. Air pollution is not just in China; it became a serious problem in every country. We want to use CanAir to raise awareness about the importance of air quality, so that our children can still have clean air to breath.

How it works

There are two ways to use CanAir

Install the inhaler correctly to the bottle, put your face towards the inhaler and breath!
Position it at wherever you like, and enjoy the view of a beautiful bottle.
The Benefits from using CanAir

Whitehorse has the world's cleanest air, according to a study published by the World Health Organization. The air in Whitehorse is rich in negative oxygen ions, a so-called “air vitamin”. Medical studies have shown that negative oxygen ions have a significant positive effect on human health. Breathing air that is rich in negative oxygen ions not only accelerate metabolism, reduce respiratory inflammation, but also improve your energy and enhance immunity of people.

Why We Care

Our mission for CanAir is rather straight forward; to let others experience the difference of breathing high quality air, and to raise awareness about the importance of air quality. According to new research in 2016, more than 5.5 million people died every year as a result of air pollution. Many of these deaths are happening in China and India. What happened in China and India should served as a wake-up call. Do not take clean and high quality air as granted any more. We hope one day everyone could breath better air and live a better life. This is what motivates us in continuing on with our idea. Do not let what is "free" without appreciation and consideration.

Who are we?

Both of us were born in China, and lived there for twenty years. We understand pollution is the major concern among many Chinese people. There are many places also suffering the bad air quality, and people cannot do anything about the situation. We have found this solution to deliver the best quality air to the world in order to improve people's life quality and raise the awareness of protecting our environment.

Please Support CanAir !

I would like to thank all my friends and backers who helped us with this project.

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