mobile camera crowd sourcing mobile camera crowd sourcing

This project has already launched.

Imagine all the people around the world who wear a mobile phone may let you legally use their mobile camera to make a remote view.

The functionality is inverse to Google/YouTube, Instagram, Periscope and others in the sense that instead of browsing among the given existing photos or videos (mostly of past moments) you order particular photo or video to be made just for you at place, time and conditions which you define !

Example use cases are when you may want to see remotely:

  • how a hotel/area really looks NOW when considering possible travel destinations;

  • various real estate properties over a LARGE area without visiting all of them;

  • your own house/street/car while being on a long leave;

  • places/events which is difficult to visit (mountains, sport finals, etc)

This App pretends to make it possible using the crowd-sourcing technologies and a little of motivation.

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