Call or Put - the no BS book for trading financial markets
Call or Put - the no BS book for trading financial markets

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About this project

I'm bringing trading to the masses. Why can't you be that person making money out of ever-changing currency conversion rates?

Well so far you haven't been because it's always been a pretentious world in which nobody will tell you their 'secrets of trading' unless you wire them £1,000 or something stupid.

You're made to believe you don't belong in that world. It's for people who already had money to start with or you're not educated enough.

It's all BS.

The books that are available largely assume that you already know all the lingo and have some experience trading. They either go way to deep and it doesn't make sense, or they don't tell you very much at all and just try to plug their trading signals subscription service.

In this book, I literally just tell you what I do. No BS. I tell you about me, you'll get to know quite a bit about me (nothing about fictitious Lamborghinis or the usual crap) and you'll learn, in very simple terms, what my strategy is. This is the strategy I use on a daily basis and the same one I teach in my webinars.

Here's a snippet from the introduction of the book, the first time it's ever been read by anyone except me and my wife . . .


Who am I?

I'm the owner of a company called JH Options, a company that provides training in binary options trading. I've also made money as a Commodity Broker, an Advertising Sales Executive, Computer Hardware Account Manager a Recruitment Consultant, a Website Designer, and so on . . . and I've owned a mobile app business, co-owned a call centre with my wife and I've made money investing in all sorts of assets.

I'm not going to tell you I'll make you a millionaire in a couple of weeks by trading binary options. I'm not going to tell you I hold the secret to being a successful trader and if you read my book you'll win every trade. I'll be straight with you and I'll do my best to put everything I know that is actually useful to trading binary options into this book.

When I was a kid, my dad told me you've got to work hard in life to get what you want. Nothing comes for free, you have to earn everything. Yeah, he was never the kind of dad to bankroll his kids through half their life. I had a job by 16 and left home by 18.

Only problem is, while I had the work ethic, nobody told me anything about working smart. Lots of people work hard but they're not all millionaires. I had to figure out what I had to do other than just working hard to make real money. I found that out the hard way.

Working in sales helped. There were people I worked with who worked their asses off, coming in early, staying late, but didn't make that many sales. There were also people who never looked like they were working very hard but they were raking in sales. Well it turns out the relaxed guys know the right things to say at the right time. They knew how to find out where a customer's interests lie and how to position the solution to meet that customer's needs.

They did this effortlessly so you wouldn't even know they were doing it. They literally looked like they were just chatting to someone, not even covering a quarter of the unique selling points we'd been taught about. They also knew how to very quickly find out if a call was going to go nowhere. If there was no interest to be found or the customer didn't have the problem our solution was trying to fix, there was no sale to be had so they'd move on to the next prospect.

Now the guys working their asses off were talking at the customers, not listening to them, just reeling off every single unique selling point and boring the customer to death. They would spend half an hour pitching someone who had no use for the product or lose a person's interest by talking about the wrong thing.

When I realised this, I understood what "work smart, not hard" meant. Successful people know how to shortcut to the money. As a Commodity Broker, I spoke to hundreds of investors who were making money doing nothing. Their money was working for them. They'd have a portfolio of stock & shares, gold, silver, diamonds, property, all sorts. I'd learned by then the whole risk-spreading thing, to not 'put all your eggs in one basket'.

Well that's great if you've got a few hundred grand sitting around waiting to be invested but I didn't.

This is where binary options comes in. I found out that I could deposit only £10 and start trading just like these investors I would speak to on the phone. So I opened an account with a broker and started putting a chunk of my commission in every month.

Now just because I know about commodities doesn't mean I did well at trading binary options. Silly me. It wasn't great.

Gold has intrinsic value. It will never be worth £0. Gold is gold and I can buy it today and wait 2, 3, however many years then sell it for a profit. 

Well binary options work differently. With binary options you set an expiry time. Let's say it's 10:00 on the dot and I'm opening a position on EUR/USD. At that moment in time say you can buy 1.1234 USD for 1 EUR and I think it will go up within 60 seconds. I set the expiry to 10:01 and I press 'call' on my trading platform. I've put £100 on that trade and the payout is 80%. The price at 10:01 ends up at 1.1235 and I get £180 back. Net profit of £80. If the price didn't move, I'd get my £100 back. If the price dropped, I'd get nothing back.

So I realised I can make money really fast here, unlike commodity investing, but I can also lose it just as fast. So I set out on a mission to learn how to make this profitable for me. I worked hard learning all sorts of strategies and methods with mixed results.

But then I worked smart by combining some strategies together and managing my money in a way that I was 'beating the odds' and could still profit even if the trading strategy wasn't always working. After a lot of learning curves, I tweaked the strategy enough that I increased my success rate from roughly 60% to around 70%.

That might not seem like much, but it made the world of difference. I built up my trading account until I could afford to increase my trade values and consequently, my profit.

In this book I'll be going into some detail about how I did this and by the end, you'll know exactly what I do on a day-to-day basis. Everything trading related at least.

I'm not going to give you a load of vague information about how the market is a force of nature or tell you how there are a million different factors that affect the market then explain each one.

You're reading this book because you want to be successful in trading. You want to know what I actually do when I sit in front of the screens that makes me a tidy profit. You probably don't care about some spiritual journeys I may been on in my life that have brought me to this point or all the technical crap I've learned about the Forex market along the way but no longer use in my strategy.

I'm going to share my trading strategy with you and help you become a more successful trader. I'm not even going to talk about world events or economics or anything like that. My one goal from this book is to help you make more profit after reading it. If this book doesn't help you do that, then I've failed.

So I am going to tell you exactly what I'm doing right now to make money trading binary options.

Are you ready?

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