CaffeinAll — Caffeine in a Salt Shaker
CaffeinAll — Caffeine in a Salt Shaker

Want energy your way?


CaffeinAll™ is the first non-bitter caffeine you can sprinkle on any food to turn it into an instant energy food.


“CaffeinAll™ Powder Caffeine Shaker- the future is here and it's very, very awake. Oh, and what is it that we've so craved and can finally have? Why, caffeinated french fries, of course!” — ThinkGeek







What If You Could Make Your Own Energy Food?

It would be liberating, fun, and save you a ton of money. Imagine the freedom from not needing to stay in line at Starbucks for that 16 oz. Cafe Latte or run to the convenience store to be Red Bullied. Imagine, instead, that you are the creator of your own energy food. Better yet — don’t just imagine. Make it happen.


Not only will you have more time, but also more energy too for that gym workout or dancing away the night the way you always wanted.


The Sad State of Caffeinated Products


Choose your caffeine pet peeve:

            Too much liquid?
            Too many calories?
           Unneeded or questionable ingredients?


Now, having a long list like this is a real downer in itself, isn’t it?

Not only that —  you also need to buy them at least once a day or multiple times a week, keep them hot or cold, and hope that you’re not one of the 20+% of the people suffering from any aftereffect, such as nausea, headache, feeling overdosed then crashing.

We knew the solution was to give YOU the control. And that’s what we are delivering.


Make Your Own Energy Foods with CaffeinAll™

CaffeinAll™ is the world’s first non-bitter caffeine in a handy shaker bottle. It can be added to any food, is fun to use, and is much more affordable than other products. Also, it only contains three all-natural, proven ingredients.


As a free-flowing powder, you can sprinkle on any food. Burgers. Pizza, Fries. Salads. Ice cream. Coffee. Hot chocolate. Anything you cook or eat at home. In a restaurant. In your car or truck. You get the picture.

The patented sifter and bottle cap enables you to deliver an average 100 mg caffeine in a sprinkle shot, to give you the energy of a strong cup of coffee. Talking about coffee - no more — but without worrying about carrying it, spilling it, or burning yourself, among other things.



You Are in Control of Your Health

As a healthy adult, your body can safely handle between 400 and 600 mg caffeine a day. We recommend that you use no more than 3 sprinkle shots, containing (about 300 mg caffeine) a day.


The reason is that you most likely have caffeine from other sources too, like soft drinks, coffee, tea, even chocolate. As long as you are mindful of them and don’t exceed this safe amount, you won’t have to be concerned about your health.


For additional protection, we explicitly warn minors, persons with heart condition or caffeine sensitivity, and pregnant women that CaffeinAll™, and caffeine in general, is not allowed [can we use a different phrase here? “strictly off-limits” or other]  for them.


Easy to Carry. Convenient to Use.

Each small, unbreakable bottle contains 200 doses of our product (200 cups of strong coffee’s worth). It easily fits in your pocket, briefcase, purse, glove compartment, and the cup holder in your car, so you can bring it along wherever you go.


Then energize your food in seconds and enjoy the boost while getting back to taking care of the important things in your life.


How Do I Use It?

Any way you want it on any of your foods. You are the creator of your own energy foods.


At home.
On the road.
In a restaurant.
At work.
In the gym.
At the game.

Anywhere, anytime you need to stay alert or need a quick pick-me-up.


 Here are some of our favorite ways to sprinkle:


       Keep a bottle in your office for a quick pre-meeting pick-me-up.

       Stick a bottle in your car so you can use a few sprays on that long drive home.

       Stow a bottle in your carry-on bag so that you can catch a few sprays before powering through that presentation (or Sudoku puzzle) on your next flight.

       Carry a bottle in your gym bag so you can get energized while running or lifting without feeling weighed down.

       Carry a bottle in your bag or pocket for that big Friday night out. It will fit in at any nightclub and will keep you out-partying the 22 year olds (or 62 year olds if your grandparents rock like that).


What is the science behind CaffeinAll™?

Caffeine is one of the few substances that can pass through the blood-brain barrier, thanks to being a very small molecule that is both water- and oil-soluble. Plus, due to its specific molecular structure, it is capable of alternately being polar and non-polar – so it is able to penetrate brain cell membranes as soon as it passes through the blood brain barrier. There it temporarily replaces adenosine, one of the the brain’s slow-down chemicals, thus increasing alertness and concentration.


Caffeine also increases the level of circulating fatty acids and the oxidation rate of these fuels, producing energy for the muscles. For this reason it’s particularly effective in endurance sports, like long-distance running, swimming, and skiing.


The encapsulating compounds we use make CaffeinAll™ both free of bitterness and easy to digest. Additionally, they enable it to flow freely and control dosage size.  


Our secret formula enables caffeine to be digested quickly and remain concentrated enough to quickly produce significant energy. As a result, CaffeinAll™ is not just a viable, but literally an eye-opening product.

For a visual presentation, check out our infographic below.


An Awesome Value

Because you can take your CaffeinAll™ anywhere, you will avoid spending a king’s ransom every time you need energy. Instead of buying an energy drink upwards of $12 dollars in the night club, or a $6-dollar, fast food–quality latte at an airport, you pay just nine cents per serving for the equivalent of a cup of coffee.




It takes 200 cans of energy drinks or cup of coffee, costing in the neighborhood of $400, to equal one $17.99 bottle of CaffeinAll™. That adds up to savings of $380. Do you drink three a day? Spend your $2,000+ annual savings on your next vacation.


The Media Speaks


“This tub of caffeine powder can be sprinkled on top of any food — or stirred into any drink — to transform it into an energy quick-fix.”



“For people who can’t find the time to drink enough coffee to wake them up or for those who just don’t like the taste of coffee, this creative fix solves the problem.”




“This odorless, tasteless powder comes in containers that dispense a pre-measured 'shake' that contains about 100 mg of caffeine. The powder is quite cheap, with one "shake" costing about 9 cents.”




Our Early Users Speak


“I tried all the energy drinks and find them to just make me sick and most are full of sugar. A friend of mine and his coworkers who work nights use this product. They told me that it works better than anything else and they use it on their food before and during work and are able to feel energized all night.” –Ben



“I never thought of being able to shake caffeine on my food and get more energy this way.” –Rachel


"I love all forms of energy drinks, the problem is the extra liquid has me hitting the bathroom frequently... I'm on the road a lot so this has been an issue. Coffee, tea or any of that stuff is just more liquid. Anyway, I found this product and it has proven to be what I was looking for. Plus those energy drinks and shots have sugar and are loaded with who knows what! This stuff is quick, simple and it works."  –Tom


“This is very effective. Just remember to stop taking it about 6 hours before bedtime. Cheaper than energy drinks loaded with sugar. Easier on my tummy than coffee and it doesn't stain my teeth like colas." –Amy



“After trying this product and seeing its versatility it has me hooked for life.” –Raymond


The Team


Andy, June, and Steve have known and worked together on new food products and ventures for years. They started to develop CaffeinAll™ in 2011. After thorough product and market testing, they are now eager to share it with the world.



Steve Kingsley – Co-founder


 A food scientist with three patents to his credit and a fourth on the way, Steve is not only an accomplished new product developer, but also a serial entrepreneur. He founded Cuisine Crafts, Inc., to commercialize his first invention, to make pickles in a rapid, environmentally safe way. Once it was licensed, he developed and patented Flavor Aging™, an environmentally-friendly coffee flavoring and packaging method. He licensed it to Caffe Espress Corp., where he became a partner in charge of R&D and production until the company was sold. Subsequently, he developed and commercialized the CaffeMallows™ line of gourmet caffeinated marshmallows — that were written up in the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Business Week — and, finally, formulated CaffeinAll™.


June Marshall - Co-founder


Since starting her career in retail sales at the age of thirteen in her father’s Safari Shop, June hasn’t stopped creating, marketing, and selling. After earning a MA in English, she became the owner of  B. Flower and Sun Honey Company, where she made and distributed her products in the New York Metro area. Having sold the business, she is now the driving force behind our marketing. Sweet!  


Andy Debreceni - Cofounder


A production engineer and manager by vocation, with a degree in economics from Columbia University, Andy left a mind-numbing corporate job at Coach Bags to manage the production of Flavor Aged coffees at Caffe Espress. There, in addition to ingesting lots of caffeine, he also got infected by the entrepreneurial bug. So much so that he now is ready and stomping like a wild bull (Red Bull beware!) to do the same for CaffeinAll™.



About This Campaign

Here’s where you come in.

We have perfected and tested our product, arranged for the use of a FDA GMP and Kosher approved production facility, and are ready to gear up production on a moment’s notice.

We're raising $25,000 here to enable us to produce CaffeinAll™ at a scale that will make it affordable to everyone.

In return for your early support, you'll be one the first ones to get CaffeinAll™ 100 — plus some pretty great perks — and to support a company trying to make it fun, easy, and inexpensive for people get their energy.


Not ready for this much energy and fun? 


We understand (sort of). Still, we'd really, really appreciate it if you could:


1) Personally spread the word to friends and family that you think would benefit from our product.

2) Share the project with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.



If you’ve read this far, we’re truly grateful for your interest. Thank you for your support to make this possible!

Frequently Asked Questions


We reckon that you may have a few questions, so we’ve prepared answers to the most frequent ones here. Take a look, and if you still have anything you’d like to know about our product or campaign, feel free to email us at:


Does it work?

Absolutely. Our shaker enables you to control the caffeine you add to your food – giving you just the right amount of energy.


Is CaffeinAll™ patented?

The process to produce the non-bitter caffeine is patented.


How do I use CaffeinAll™?

Sprinkle it on your food or drink. We recommend you start with one sprinkle shot in the morning and one or two shots early or late afternoon — but do not use more than three shots a day. It is also a good idea to avoid it (and any other product that contains caffeine) before sleep.


How often can I sprinkle?

Sprinkle one shot up to three times during twenty-four hours.  


Does CaffeinAll™ have a smell or color?

Our product is an odorless white powder. It won’t stain your teeth or interfere with other flavors in your food.  


How does CaffeinAll™ work with other caffeinated products?

CaffeinAll™ is friendly and plays just great with other products. Just make sure you don’t exceed 400 to 600 mg caffeine a day from all sources.


Is CaffeinAll™ safe?

Our product has no known side effects. The amount of caffeine per serving contained in CaffeinAll™ is the same found in a cup of coffee and some energy drinks so it’s great for those who think energy drinks are overkill. However, if you are allergic or sensitive to caffeine, or have a heart condition, you should not use our product.


Is it safe for pregnant women?

While current research is inconclusive on the effect of caffeine on pregnancy, most doctors recommend limiting caffeine intake to less than 200 milligrams a day during pregnancy. We always play it safe and do not market our product to anyone who is pregnant.


How about kids?

We don't recommend or market our product to children and teenagers under the age of 18.


Can I use CaffeinAll™ with coffee or energy drinks?

Using our product with multiple high-caffeine energy drinks isn’t recommended, but having soft drinks, coffee or tea in moderation with our product isn’t dangerous. However, for the sake of safety, we do not recommend using multiple sources of caffeine intake at one time. This will only result in moving you away from your desired state of being awake and focused towards jitteriness and becoming over-stimulated.


Where is CaffeinAll™ manufactured?

CaffeinAll™ is manufactured and bottled right here in the USA in a FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility that’s also Kosher certified.


When do you ship my reward?

We expect to fulfill our crowdfunding orders by September 15, 2014. Delays are not likely, but possible. We promise to keep our backers informed of any issue that might impact our production and fulfillment schedule.




***  Thank you!!!  ***


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