Cabriovelo: versatile convertible E-bicycle car
Cabriovelo: versatile convertible E-bicycle car

This project has already launched.


The Cabriovelo

Our concept consists in a convertible pedal vehicle, usable in the winter of the coldest countries as well as around the touristic sites in the hot summer, once switched to cabrio. It features easy access and regress capabilities, an electric assistance, a large trunk and comfortable riding position. It comes with a removable child seat in the rear side.  It is very practical and versatile but also good looking.

Technical detail:

Convertible, folding top roof

Length: 280cm                Width: 75cm
Height: 130cm                 Seat Height: 50cm
Weight: 45kg                   Wheels: 20" rear, 16"or 20" front
Wheelbase: 160cm        Turning circle: 3m
Electric Assistance: hub motor, from 250W -on customer demand    
Range: 100 km (or more with extra battery)                  
Co2 emissions: 5g/km(EU-electricity mix)

We are convinced that pedal-vehicles represent an healthy mean of transport as well as savings in terms of money and pollution. They permit you to commute fun, to keep fit and to be environmentally friendly; they are cheap to run and easy to maintain and would be even more affordable if they were mass-produced.

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