Cable Anchor Ver.2
Cable Anchor Ver.2

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Cable Anchor  Ver.2

The simplest and fastest solution to keep your iphone, ipad chargers safe

A cable anchor was our 1st Kickstarter project. We raised funds and made it successfully.

Owing to positive feedback from the backers of the 1st cable anchor project, we knew could improve it and so we are back with Cable Anchor ver. 2

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How it first came about

If you are an Apple user, you may have more than one charger. Having multiple chargers can come in handy, but problems are evident:

First, a normal Apple charger (not for MacBook) doesn’t have any apparatus on it. It is hard to wrap up the cable and store it nicely. My storage box is always a mess due to this issue. The cables are tangled, and it is really annoying to untangle it everytime I need the charger!

Second, if you don’t take care of the cable properly, it can get damaged. We came up with a simple idea that can solve this problem. You won’t need to get stressed out anymore. An Apple charger cable is $19 - no one wants to buy the cable every time it breaks. The habit of keeping the cable safely and in clean manner can remedy this. Cable Anchor is the cure. 

What's special about Cable Anchor ver. 2?

On the last Cable Anchor project, we developed it for 1 type of Apple charger. But from the backers' feedback, Cable Anchor version 2 will be developed for 3 types of Apple chargers (Apple 5W USB Power Adapter / Apple 12W USB Power Adapter)


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