C-PAL. Your Personal Flotation Device
C-PAL. Your Personal Flotation Device

This project has already launched.

Introducing our wearable and inflatable life jackets. 
We have two products in the line up, the C-Pal Neptune and C-Pal Titan.

C-Pal Neptune

The C-PAL Neptune is a personal flotation device that is worn as an arm band. It is fitted to your left arm and is designed for comfort while ensuring easy deployment when necessary. Pulling the red trigger deploys the device, self-inflating it, allowing you to wear it around your neck. This product is suitable for water sports including surfing, fishing and distance swimming.

C-Pal Titan

The C-PAL Titan is designed to sit deflated around your neck and over your shoulders. Like the Neptune, pulling the red trigger will cause it to instantly inflate providing total buoyancy. The Titan features reflective tape, a whistle and a light beacon. It is suitable for rock fishing, boating, kayaking and sailing. 

We’ve created this Kickstarter to help fund the certification process. We have ticked all the boxes in our pre-tests and are ready to send both the Titan and Neptune to mass production. Once we’ve successfully received certification it will be full steam ahead with nothing to interfere with distribution. By supporting this campaign, you will be supporting our ambition to provide practical and effective water safety to the masses and be amongst the first to receive your own Neptune or Titan.

The C-Pal Neptune and C-Pal Titan are engineered to provide a greater range of motion than typical life jackets, and to suit all water environments from recreational water activities, competitive swimming, extreme water sports and even swim training.

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