Butterfly Heights
Butterfly Heights

Butterfly Heights will be a house situated in a butterfly garden, surrounded by rainforest. This eco tourism destination is located in Cairns , Australia and will be a place that you and your loved ones can enjoy . This project is all about remembering  what is important in life. About reconnecting with nature and recalling exactly what make you tick. All this whilst you stay with your family, in a sunny butterfly habitat.


Every single tree , shrub and climber on the 1.2 acre property will have been planted to attract butterflies. But we won't stop there. Butterfly attracting mistletoe, vertical garden , grasses and even non invasive weeds that attract butterflies will cover the property( we promise to put the weeds in a corner and the pretty plants near the house. )


Butterfly Heights is currently a vacant block of land covered in weeds and long grass.   The project involves putting a driveway to the top of the hill and building a 3 bedroom house up there .  The long grass and weeds will be replaced by planting half the block as tropical rainforest using butterfly attracting plants. The the other half where the house is will be planted as a butterfly garden.  Butterfly gardens typically are sunny , calm places with lots of flowers. 


My dream is for people to stay at Butterfly Heights and recall what is truly important in life . We live in a world that changes rapidly , where being without your iphone for a week feels strange.  It truly is inspirational watching these adult butterflies on their search for nectar and a mate.  And you will know that you helped to make this project a reality .  Check out kickstarter.com on June 12 th when this project launches for some incredible discounts on accomodation and the chance to grab your piece of history.


The money raised by kickstarter will be used to finance the cost of the gardens , driveway and guesthouse .  Additional funds will come from myself and a financial institution . I am very passionate about this project and I have been blogging about butterfly gardening this year to raise awareness about the subject at www.butterflyheights.com.au


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