Bulldog Defense
Bulldog Defense

We have developed an IDS or Intrusion Detection Probe that  has minimal OS components and open source applications to bring down the high cost of Cyber Security for the average small business  A Bulldog Probe is a  sophisticated protocol analyzer and logger for individual networks at a fraction of the cost of probes designed for large complex networks with expensive software.

This is our competitive advantage we have built a system for home networks and small business that can capture traffic at the network layer then transmit this information to our  high capacity servers for analysis and remediation.  Once the data is collected, transmitted, parsed and analyzed it then is classified after which Bulldog Engineers will review a small fraction of millions of events, broken down into a few significant threat and process and mitigate the cyber-criminal activities.

The customer is notified, geo tracking and preventative controls are prescribe and the client will have the opportunity first know that an attack occurred, that an action plan exists and that they make the call on what action is to be taken for the event.

Our system is simple to use and we continually watch your network and alert you if there is suspect activity.  Bulldog Defense is your 24 hours eyes on the data and identity information on your local network.  Buy one place it in-line between your ISP providers' router and the rest of your network.  The probe will register with our tools, you'll get an email from us that the system is operational and working to protect your data, your identity and your customers.


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